February 14, 2016

Adopt Me! Kitty

Well, hello. It seems that somebody is here to see me. My name is Kitty, or as I like to call myself, Princess Kitty! That's because I'm as pretty as a princess and I'm very sweet and I am the heir to the throne of your heart. Just come visit me, and you'll know what I mean!

I was very sad when my owner returned me after I lived with him for four years. I couldn't come with him when he had to move...I'm just so sad. I am very sweet, but sometimes I can be a little snappy and I'll growl. I've just been so confused why my owner hasn't come to get me, and I'm not really as sensitive as I make myself seem. I'm just scared. I don't get why I ended up here. I'm a very good girl if we get to know each other. My friend Holley told me that I'm actually lucky to be here. She pointed out that I get lots of love from people here, but it's a different story at the animal shelter.

Holley has already found her special someone, but I'm still waiting. What did I ever do to get here? I just want to find a home. I don't care if you're rich or poor. I don't care if you drive a pickup truck or a Lamborghini. I don't care if you have a mangy mutt or a purebred doggy champion. (I'm too scared of dogs to care!) I don't care if you live in a shed or in a mansion. All that matters is that you'll love me and I'll love you back, no questions asked.

Though I'm happy that many kitties and doggies are enjoying Valentine's Day with their furever families, I'm still sad that I don't have a family to call my own. Robin said that because I'm so sweet and pretty and simply just lovable, I'll definitely find a furever home soon, and next Valentine's Day, I'll be purring the day away on somebody's lap.

Everyone says I'm a very pretty kitty. I am something like a tortoiseshell with some tabby markings. I am a good size, and I'm actually pretty small. It doesn't matter what I look like though, I'm still a very loving, quiet, and calm kitty and I need someone to call my own. I want to wake up in the morning on a nice warm bed and know that I can finally live in a home that is permanent. Click here to fill out an adoption application if you'd like to be my furever family. You could also click here to donate to All About Cats, the rescue that I am at. They are currently low on funds. Oh, and click here to learn more about my location so you can visit me and my friends and give me lots of love.

Thank you so much for reading this, and I hope you'll consider taking me into your home...and into your heart!


  1. We hope she finds a furever home quickly!

    Keep Calm & Valentine On!

    Murphy & Stanley


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