January 5, 2016

Help Us Help Ares!

Welcome back to Paw Province!

Today's post is a very special one, and that's because it's about a very special dog.

Ares, an adoptable Siberian Husky at the Releashed Rescue in Cumming, Georgia, isn't even a year old yet, and his life has brought many emotions upon him in such a short amount of time. This loving boy was rescued from a high-kill shelter (all of the rescue's dogs come from kill shelters) and came with something thought to be a degenerative disorder that prevents Ares from being able to get around. However, it is a possibility that he was left in a crate all the time before he was rescued.

You see, Ares has a special harness and his very own doggy wheelchair to help him get around. His life is painful at times, but he has seen happy moments. Ares isn't just a random dog I found on the internet, but I have gotten to know him personally at the Releashed Rescue's adoption events and he is a very sweet boy who really just wants to run and play with all the other dogs.

It's sad seeing a dog who can't just be a normal dog. He can't run about with all his friends, and it's especially sorrowful that a playful puppy definitely can't do something like that. Nobody can really tell you how Ares began his life, but it is known that he probably won't live a very long life. However, he deserves to enjoy his short time in the world.

If you can, please DONATE to help Ares live the most comfortable, happy life he can possibly live. Hundreds of dollars are spent on his veterinary bills each and every week, so this sweet puppy needs donations! The dog is in safe hands with the Releashed Rescue, who will fight tooth and nail to help their dogs have happily ever afters, and Ares is no exception!

Even if we all just donated $3 today, it would help Ares. This guy is a fighter, and even though he often is in pain and doesn't understand why he can't go off and play with all his puppy friends, he still wags that soft tail of his and gives kisses to everyone who stops to support him.

Click here to DONATE and give the Ares the beautiful puppyhood he most definitely deserves to have!

Rescue ONE until there are NONE!


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