January 19, 2016

The Best Life a Dog Could Have: A Poem

If you've read the tab about me just below the header, you might know that I love to write novels and poetry.

On Friday I whipped up a poem about a Cockapoo (not a Cockatoo!) that I thought you might enjoy.

The poem is from the pup's point of view, and he's basically saying thank you to his owner for rescuing him when he did, and how he went on to live the best life a dog could have.


Someone was in the window
Like a hundred times before
But this time would be different
You opened up the door

You became sad and solemn

Peering in my cage with doubt
Just imagine how you would feel
If you were looking out

You opened up the cage

Surely I was dreaming
You took me out into the streets
The sun was finally gleaming

You called my new name kindly

And led me to your Cadillac
When I left that dreary shelter
I never did look back

You brought me into your house

For hours I did roam
From when my paws had touched the rug
I knew that I was home

You gave me crunchy kibble
I wagged and wagged my tail
Much better than the shelter’s food
So awfully sour and stale

You poured me some cold water

It was fresh and clear
This was something I never knew
When the end was drawing near

You took to me to a groomer’s

To get me all cleaned up
Now my brown fur is pure and white
And I’m the cutest pup

My name was already Scraggly

When I was matted and muddy
I’d live up to my new name
And that new name was Buddy

You took me for a long walk

Through the woods and past canals
I was especially thankful
To have made some puppy pals

You took me to the dog park
And I finally learned to play
Thanks to an old and kindly dog
A wrinkly black Shar Pei

I fetched my very first ball

I devoured my very first treat
You even took me to a weekly
Cockapoo meet and greet

I snuggled in your bed

And heard your loving voice
You brought me with you to Petsmart
So I could choose some toys

I learned to sit and stay for you

I also learned lay down
You taught me to bark for treats
And even spin around

Sometimes I’d chew your shoes

Or knock over a vase
But you would never stay that mad
You can’t at such a face

I did not have a pedigree
I was just a ball of fuzz
I could never be a show dog
But you took me as I was

I did a thing or two for you

I’d do things every day
I’d even lick up fallen food
And I’d do it without pay

In fact you’ve already payed me

I was the dog you could believe in
You went as far to save my life
With you I can’t get even

And now I lay here dying

My time is at an end
Though I wish I could stay with you
I’m glad we were best friends

My puppy eyes are clouded now

My fur is tinted gray
I would never get to live this old
If you weren’t there that day

I would have been gone years ago

If you didn’t tell the staff
You wanted the scraggly white dog
And give him the best life he could have

I hope you enjoyed this poem!

It is probably the poem I am most proud of writing.

Buddy the Cockapoo never knew what it was like to eat fresh kibble, drink clear water, go on walks, and run around with friends, but he got to know what it was like when someone gave him a second chance.

Rescue ONE until there are NONE!


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