January 9, 2016

My Experience at the Clemson Kennel Club Dog Show


I hope all of you are glad it's the weekend!

This weekend I got to show Christmas in Clemson, South Carolina.

We left yesterday and I showed today.

Last night I also went to a junior match, just so I could have some time in the ring before the actual show.

Christmas (whose fancy registered name is "Brownwood Time To Shine") is looking quite handsome during one of the matches.

This morning I showed in Juniors, and I'm currently in Novice Intermediate.

Chris and I were happy to win our class!

We had lots of fun in the ring!

Chris is getting tired from all the commotion!

After that, we moved on in hopes of winning Best Junior.

Chris is examined by the judge.

We didn't win Best Junior, but we're still very glad we won in our class!

Ooh, look!

It's a beautiful Berger Picard (pronounced burr-zay pecard) waiting for his time in the ring!

You don't see these scruffy dogs every day!

The Berger ended up winning Best of Breed, even though he stuck his tongue out at the judge!

There was only one other Berger Picard, who is also very stunning in appearance.

Chris enjoyed his time in the ring!

Um, Chris, you're a little close to the camera, don't you think?

It was a pretty big show!

I had a lot fun today!

I showed my dog and had the chance to go to South Carolina, which is a pretty cool place!

I saw lots of cool dogs at the show as well.

I didn't get lots of photos because I was in the ring for a good amount of time.

I hope you enjoyed the post!


  1. Where's a picture of your ribbon?

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks so much! Chris and I had so much fun in Clemson!

  3. I am soooo proud of you at the most recent dog show and the photos are great!!!!!! You are a real role model! Love, Mrs Suzanne


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