January 15, 2016

Mozzie The Magnificent

I just had to use that post title!

This photo was taken nearly two weeks ago, but it doesn't really matter.

Mozzie is still the cutest, sweetest tabby cat that is.

I love the smudge of white on his nose and his beautiful green eyes.

He has the trademark "m" on his forehead, as all tabbies do.

He has a loud purr motor that is always going.

He's such a wonderful cat.

Just don't try to pick him up!


  1. he's magnificent alright but I'm REALLY curious. What happens when you pick him up???????

    1. He just tries to scratch, but you don't want such a big cat scratching you! Lol. He lets some people hold him, but not me! I think he knows I'm more of a dog person. :)

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