January 18, 2016

Just a Randomly Cool Photo of My Dog's Leash

I took this randomly cool photo of Chris a few weeks ago.

You can barely see the cutie at the end of the leash, but you can see the leash, which looks pretty cool.

Chris is wearing a thin snake chain attached to the lead, which is a great lead option for the ring.

It's pretty much just a thinner, fancier, choker chain with a thin black lead attached.

I hope you think this picture is as randomly cool as I do!


  1. You should have posted it and had people guess what it is cyz we had no clue! But it is cool!

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

    1. I should have! I'll keep this post as it is and I'll definitely do that in the future with a different photo...awesome idea! Thanks for your comment!


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