January 2, 2016

It's Time You Met Rocky

Good morning, everyone!

I'm sure you're all thrilled to know it's the weekend!

Just relax and have fun with your loved ones today.

Your loved ones include your pets, so why not take your beloved dog for a long walk or to the pet store for a new treat?

Maybe play an extra long game of keep-away with the laser pointer with your kitty?

You could challenge yourself to teach something new to your rodent or reptile pal.

Whatever pets you have and love, do something extra special with them today!

I'm sure you guys were happy to meet Drifter, my new rescue snail, yesterday.

On Thursday, I posted about my slimy slug friend, Sadie.

Today it's time to meet Rocky, a small snail found under a rock.

He loves Sadie and he's very fond of spinach.

Oh, for all you snail and slug parents out there, don't give your babies spinach very often!

It reduces their level of calcium, something they need to maintain a strong and healthy shell.

Getting back to Rocky, this little fella is more than happy to be living with two other friends.

He's small, but he tough, brave, and adventurous.

Also, after reading some posts on the blog Year of the Dog, I decided I will take a photo of someone else's dog every day of the year, starting today.

I know I'm a day late, but who cares really!

I'll post each day's dog on the right sidebar.

Let's get back on subject...oh, yeah, Rocky is awesome!


  1. We had hardly any snails last summer. Just a few slugs. And they seem to stay pretty healthy eating hosta leaves.

    1. Yes, snails and slugs definitely enjoy munching at hostas!

  2. I can't remember when I last saw a snail. Thanks for sharing yours.

    1. No problem! You will definitely be seeing more of Rocky, my other snail Drifter, and my slug Sadie in the future!

  3. We have big troubles with snails in our yard and they keep getting into mom's garden. Do you want us to mail them to you BOL?

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


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