January 25, 2016

Adopt Us! Mason & Chica

Hello! My name is Mason and I am about four months old. I am looking for a furever home with my sister, Chica. Today I'll be telling you about myself and about my sister. After all, we are very bonded and we want to go to a home together!

We are both the cutest little kitties. As you can see, we are brown tabby cats. I am the darker one, and Chica is the lighter one. You might have noticed that both my sis and I have the trademark tabby "M" on our foreheads. Actually, Chica's markings kind of look like a gazelle, so she sometimes goes by Gisella!

I was found with my two sisters on somebody's porch one day. We were brought to a foster home and we enjoyed the company of our foster parent's cats. One of my sisters has already found a home, so now it's just Chica and I.

I don't like to brag, but I'm probably more outgoing than my sis. I do this crazy thing where I climb all over the bars of my cage, up, down, and sideways! I'm the perfect playmate and I've got a lot of wonderful kitten energy I'd just love to share with you!

Chica isn't quite as outgoing as me. She is a little shy at first with strangers, but she is very sweet and gentle and will warm up to you and if you are kind to her. We were pretty shy at first when we got here, but lots of people have been smitten with us and have interacted with us, and now we're a lot braver than we used to be.

If you are looking for two super sweet young kitties and if you live in Georgia, click here to fill out an adoption application! If you can't be our furever family, you can still click here to donate to our outstanding rescue organization, the All About Cats rescue! If you aren't in place to do that either, you can still come visit us at the Petsmart in Roswell! Click here to learn more about our location!

I hope you're considering taking us under your wing! I promise you we'll do our best to be the best cats ever and we'll provide you with many years of love and companionship. We're so glad you're here, and we hope you'll visit us soon!


  1. Crikey ..... lucky for you that you aren't in Australia cause Mum'd take you home in a jiffy and then you'd have ME to contend with. I sure hope you find a home soon but I'm sure you will. You are both very good looking for CATS!! Mum thinks you are both adoreable. Hmmmmmmmph!!

    1. Mason and Chica are beautiful kitties, and they are glad they don't have to deal with a Whippet! Lol!

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