January 7, 2016

Adopt Me! Tubergen

Hello! My name is Tubergen and I'm only a few months old! I'm glad to be on a blog. I don't exactly get what a blog is...I'm keep getting told it's something on the internet...I don't know what that is either! I'm a super sweet guy and I'll do anything for cuddles! Trust me though, even though I love to be picked up and snuggled, I still love to play, play, play!

Whether it's a feather wand, mousey toy, or the little red dot (something I have still not managed to catch) I love to play! I know I said that before, but I just love to play so much I have to say it over and over! I have two beautiful yellow eyes that are almost like an owl's. Perhaps that's why I'm quite a hoot around here! I love all the other sweet cats up for adoption at All About Cats!

If you'd like to hear about my life before All About Cats...I was found living by a mailbox with my sister, who is also looking for a home. Her name is Cari and you can read about her tomorrow. Anyway, we were so happy to be rescued! We are so sweet and loving that we felt a need to be with people. We're just big lovers!

I'm a versatile kitty that would love to be in a home that can provide me with some things to play with. I don't need any expensive toys, I'm sure I'll be quite happy to bat around a sock! Oh, and I'd also like to curl up on a person's warm lap as he or she enjoys some Netflix. Is that the same thing as the internet? I can't keep track of all these crazy human terms!

Please please please consider adopting me! Oh, and I'd like if you adopted me with my sister, Cari. We've been through so much together and we love each other so much! Click here for an adoption application if you'd like to give us a loving home! If you can't be my furever family, you can still click here to donate to help me and the other adoptable kitties live comfortable lives as we await adoption!

I hope you will consider bringing me into your family and giving me lots of love! I promise I'll do my best to not scratch up your furniture or attack your feet while you're lying in bed! I may be a clownish kitten, but I want to please my people! As I said before, I'm just a big lover boy!


  1. What a lovely kitty cat! We're sure he'll find a forever home real soon!

    1. Tubergen says thank you! He also says that he agrees with you that he is very lovely! He's such a lovable little clown!


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