January 4, 2016

A Petsmart Palooza

Hi, everyone!

Yesterday we were at Petsmart for a while, so I managed to snap quite few shots of the animals there.

Every now and then I'll post about my latest trip to Petsmart, complete with plenty of adorable pictures.

I hope you're ready...it's a Petsmart palooza!

Hello! I'm Chelsea! I'm a real sweet, calm tortoiseshell with the prettiest green eyes you'll ever see! I'm still on the prowl for a furever home!

Hi! My name is Luna. I'm the pretty black cat on the right. Next to me is my sister, Holley. We used to have a loving home together, but then our owner couldn't care for us anymore! We're really hoping that we can go back to being happy cats in a furever home!

Squeak! Squeak! Let's take a break from those kitties...my face is so much cuter!

I may be small, but I want a home, too!

Oh, hi! I'm Mavis, and I'm the cutest nine week old Rottweiler in the world!

I'll grow up to be a huge dog one day!

It's us again! I know my sister Luna introduced me to you already, but I just want to say that my coat is long, luscious, and lovely!

I may be the new guy here, but I'm very sweet and gentle! I'm a beautiful silver tabby and my coat is as soft as a feather. I'll make a great lap cat for my furever family. My name is Marcus and I'm as friendly as can be!

My name is Cari, and I am a young beautiful girl that wants to be in a furever home so badly! This is me with Robin! Check out my beautiful green eyes!
Hello! My name is Tubergen and I'm a playful, loving, curious kitten! I want to be adopted by someone who loves sweet, playful kittens (isn't that everyone?) and that is willing to adopt me with my sister, Cari. We are inseparable! Robin says she wishes she could take me home!

Wow, these animals have a lot to say! The cats are especially eager to find loving homes. Click here to visit the All About Cats Rescue website to look at some of the current adoptables, maybe fill out an adoption application, or donate to the cats' care! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. What is hard is not coming home with one of those :)

    1. I know, right? If I was allowed to, I would definitely take home Tubergen and Cari. :)

  2. Good luck to all those wonderful pets in finding their forever homes!

    1. I'm sure they will all find their furever homes eventually....they're all too sweet to resist!

  3. I so want a cat now! (We had two but one died 2 years ago at age 19 and one died last year at 20).

    1. That stinks. :( Maybe one of these kitties will get you back in the wonderful world of cat ownership! Lol


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