January 27, 2016

50 Ways To Help Animals In Your Community

If you're like and me and have a passion for animals, I'm sure you have looked for ways you can help animals live better, happier lives in your community. Today I'll be providing you with a list of ways you can help animals in your community, the country, and the world. I came up with this list myself, and I've been looking for ways I can personally put some things on this list to use.


1. Put up a bird feeder for the wild birds in your yard.

2. Offer to transport a pet rescue's adoptable dogs to and from an adoption event, the veterinarian, or maybe to furever homes.

3. Bake some yummy doggy biscuits or cake for dogs at your local animal shelter. Be sure to follow recipes specifically for dogs, and avoid ingredients like onions, garlic, chocolate, grapes, raisins, and of course anything containing xylitol, which is in some peanut butters and sugar-free gum.

4. Go to an adoption event and volunteer to help care for the dogs.

5. Become a volunteer at a local animal shelter or rescue.

6. Foster a dog or cat for a rescue organization.

7. Offer to care for an adoptable pet while the foster parent is out of town.

8. Leave food and water out for stray cats in your neighborhood.

9. Start an "Animal Well Being" club. Every week, you are your friends can discuss ways you can help animals in your community.

10. Use blogging and social media to educate others about helping and caring for pets.

11. Share biographies about adoptable pets on social media.

12. Walk the dogs of your friends and neighbors.

13. Become a pet sitter for your friends and neighbors.

14. Go to your local animal shelter and spend time with the dogs and cats so they aren't lonely.

15. Donate items such as food, blankets, beds, collars, leashes, treats, pet carriers, cat trees, and more to your local animal shelter or your favorite rescue.

16. Hang fliers in your neighborhood informing your neighbors about an upcoming adoption event or maybe a biography of an adoptable dog.

17. If you can knit, knit sweaters for dogs in your community during the cold seasons.

18. Raise money for a local shelter or rescue and encourage your friends to do so too.

19. Train your dog to be a therapy dog to help needy people in your community. Not all dogs are cut out for this, but with the right training, your dog could be great at this.

20. Educate children about animal rescue and keeping our environment green.

21. Take in snails during the cold seasons. They do not do well in the cold, and I'm sure there are quite a few in your garden. They are inexpensive to care for and can actually be fascinating, trustworthy companions, and they capture the imaginations of young and old alike.

22. Create a fund jar for your local animal shelter or a nearby rescue. If you work in an office, have this jar out with some information on the cause you are raising money for, and encourage co-workers to donate.

23. Visit your local shelter and teach the dogs there some tricks! This is a great way to bust boredom in shelter dogs and show them how much fun and rewarding training can be!

24. Put collars and ID tags on your pets. It's that simple!

25. Spay and neuter your pets.

26. Betta fish aren't treated as they should be in pet stores. Talk to the store manager about ways they could help the fish thrive.

27. Keep your pets indoors when you can't supervise them, especially at night.

28. If you see a lost or stray pet, catch the animal and find his or her home, if he or she has one.

29. Share your adoption story with others if you have adopted a pet before.

30. If you have a Pit Bull, make sure he or she is a great ambassador to the breed by training him well so he or she doesn't cause harm to anyone.

31. Educate others about Pit Bulls. Explain why Pit Bulls aren't actually bad dogs.

32. Wear clothing that expresses your passion for pets and animal rescue.

33. Stop wearing clothing made with real animal fur.

34. Put a bumper sticker on your car expressing your love for animals.

35. Report animal cruelty in your community.

36. Sign petitions against animal cruelty.

37. Subscribe to an animal magazine and learn how to help pets in your community.

38. Get a handful of ASPCA pamphlets and magazines and leave them at your local doctor's office, dentist, laundromat, and more.

39. Never give an animal as a gift. If you were planning on getting that special someone a pet anyway, it is permissible to give them the animal on a holiday. Make sure that the person is up for taking care of the animal and can fulfill that pet's individual needs.

40. Provide a birdbath for the wild birds in your yard.

41. Read books about the care of different animals.

42. Watch animal documentaries.

43. Call or write to companies that test their products on animals, encouraging them to change their ways.

44. Never buy a dog from a pet shop. Pet shop puppies are pretty much all from puppy mills, no matter what the store employees may tell you.

45. When adopting a dog from a breeder, make sure the breeder is reputable.

46. Throw a birthday party for your dog on his or her birthday, and encourage guests to bring items that can be donated to a shelter or rescue.

47. Start your own pet rescue or foster program and help local animals.

48. If a neighbor's dog or cat is out in the burning hot or the freezing cold, inform them of the situation and hope they let their pet inside.

49. Pay the adoption fee for pets at your local shelter or a rescue, encouraging people to adopt them.

50. Provide a furever home for an animal.

Please take note of some of these things! I hope you'll put some of them to use if you aren't already!

This is me with adoptable dog Sarge, who is looking for a home with the Releashed Rescue in Cumming, Georgia.

Like I listed, sharing pictures of adoptable pets on your blog or social media can help find a pet a furever home!

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