December 24, 2015

Think Twice Before Giving a Puppy a Kitten for Christmas...Take Our Poll Too!

Who wouldn't love to come downstairs on Christmas morning to see a small, helpless body under the Christmas tree with clean fur, beady eyes, and a neat ribbon tied around it's neck? Admit it, nobody reading this would dislike such a gift. However, it probably isn't best to give that special someone a bundle of fur for Christmas. Let me explain why.

First of all, puppies and kittens (or grown dogs on some occasions) are lifelong pets that usually mean 10-15 years of commitment. Some large breed dogs only live about seven years, while a small dog or a cat can live up to 20 years, or maybe even more!

So, maybe you do know what you're getting into and you understand the commitment of giving the gift of a furry friend. You're prepared to care for that animal for many years to come and give it the food, water, exercise, and training it needs to be the ideal family pet. But maybe Christmas isn't the best time to give a pet.

Christmas is no normal day. It's full of hectic chaos and lots of clutter, but it's all fun and games. However, a puppy or kitten won't dismiss the fact that it's "Christmas", something it doesn't know. When bringing home a new pet, it needs to be in a controlled, calm environment.

Will that vulnerable ball of fur say, "Well, it's Christmas, I can understand why it's crazy in here!" No, they can't. All they know is that they were just taken to a completely new environment. That's enough to stress out a dog already, but the fact that your house might be a little nuts on Christmas (it's okay, isn't every house like that?) will even stress your pet out even more.

I don't blame you if you want to give someone that little ball of fuzz for Christmas. Only give them that pet if you were planning on giving one to them anyway, not just because basically everyone wants a puppy or a kitten for Christmas.

If you are determined to give something a pet for Christmas, someone who is committed to the care of the young animal, maybe choose another day, unless of course everyone in the household agrees to create a calm, soothing environment for the new family pet.

Thanks for reading this! Stay tuned for tomorrow's Christmas post! But wait! There's more! I'm about to begin a poll of which breed I'll spend some time writing about tomorrow! Last year I have you a whopping ten days to take this poll, but I totally ran out of time and I need you to do this now (tell your friends, too!) before time is up.

Merry Christmas Eve!




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