December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas 2015!

Merry Christmas, everyone! I know you've all been waiting for this special day, and I hope our festive posts this month have helped you along the way. I have been very excited to write this post, so I hope you enjoy reading it, too. because this post takes some work each year!

First, do you want to see a few things I got for Christmas?

Let's hope so, because I'm about to show you!

Wait, first I want to show this picture of Katie after a nice Christmas walk!

I got some totally awesome Scottish Terrier duct tape!

I got the movie Max, which just came out of theaters recently. I haven't watched it yet, but I know it's about a military canine. I definitely can't wait to watch it!

Check this out! I got cat washi tape!

Look closely. This bracelet is not only colorful, but it's beaded with lots of cute little elephants!

I love the Webkinz one of my brothers got for me! It's a Fox Terrier and I named her Sky. Google who "Afterall Painting The Sky" is. She's a multiple Best in Show winning Wire Fox Terrier that's the cutest little thing!

Here's a side-view of her irresistible erect ears, something Wire Fox Terriers (and similar breeds like the Airedale Terrier, Lakeland Terrier, and Irish Terrier) are known for.

Oh, look! Phineas has found a great way to get into the holiday spirit...looking out the window at everyone's Christmas decorations!

Cosmo is lying under the Christmas tree with one of the catnip mice I gave him and the other two cats for Christmas.

Now he wants to show you his innocent yellow eyes! His collar makes his head look so cute and chubby. Ignore the mess around him!

Oh, I can't get over those owl eyes!

Oh, I forgot to show you this really neat book I got about taking great photos of pets! I love the cute Lakeland Terrier on the cover! I've looked through it a bit and it looks pretty cool. I even spotted a picture of a Bloodhound inside!

The poll is over, and we have a winner! I asked you guys which dog breed should be featured in our Christmas post, which is this post, and I gave you seven choices, a breed from each group. Working was the Siberian Husky, Toy was the Pekingese, Terrier was the Wire Fox Terrier, English Springer Spaniel was the sporting, French Bulldog was the Non-Sporting, Bloodhound was the hound, and Berger Picard was the Herding.

Who was victorious? The Siberian Husky! This magnificent breed had four votes, the English Springer Spaniel had three, the Berger Picard had one, and the Bloodhound had one. Every other breed mentioned didn't receive any votes. After all, I only shared the poll late yesterday, and usually I give you ten days to vote for our Christmas polls! I totally forgot about it until yesterday...oh, well!

I'm going to show you some photos of Siberian Huskies, and all of these photos were taken by me. These dogs are available at the Releashed Rescue, a mostly Husky rescue located in Cumming, Georgia. Every Sunday they have an adoption event at my local Petsmart, so usually once a month I go to help out with the dogs and of course pet them! Huskies have gorgeous coats!

This is Caiden! Those lovely eyes tell you take this big boy home...give in to his pleading and give this guy the home he deserves!

Give a warm welcome to Claire, who really wants you to take her home!

Lyric wants a furever home! (Pun intended!)

Are you perfect for Spanky? He still needs a home!

Bella has already found her special someone!

Say hello to Magnus, who has also found his furever family!

As you know, the first photo in this post was of Katie, after she took a nice relaxing walk. Well, here are some photos I took on the walk. Most of them aren't of Katie, but are of nature, and mailboxes. I love to photograph mailboxes!

I actually got my very own camera today for Christmas, but I didn't mention it above because I obviously can't take a photo of my new camera with my new camera! The photo of Katie, the cats, and all of my gifts were taken with my new camera. The photos below were, too.

This may look like a spooky Halloween scene, but it's really just a few trees on a cloudy day.

Here is one of the many mailboxes I snapped a shot of.

Katie's coat looks so radiant with the natural light! I was glad when the sun finally poked out of the clouds and brightened things up.

Look how green this grass is!

My definite favorite mailbox photo of the day! I like how everything around it is blurred. I was walking pretty quickly when I took this picture, yet the camera still made out a clear mailbox. Go mailboxes!

Another festive mailbox!

At that point Katie was frazzled..."Why is Robin taking so many pictures of mailboxes?"

Just a nice simple picture...kind of has a "Maddie the Coonhound" feel to it, doesn't it?

This grass reminds me of hay...just a random thought.


The road stretches ahead...

Sorry, I couldn't help it!

The cloudy sky makes this photo more dramatic...

Well, that was a long post. Enjoy the rest of your day with your loved ones, furry friends included. Make sure to put aside time to still give your furry friend the attention he deserves, whether it's a belly rub, a brand new bone, or a leisure walk around the neighborhood.

Thank you all for getting through this post. Remember to enjoy your day and be merry! After all, Christmas only happens once a year. Seize the day and come back tomorrow for more!

Merry Christmas!


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  2. Awwww... Cosmo's so cute in those pics!

  3. Well done, young lady. Both photos and writing Very cute kitties (and doggies). Keep up the good work.

  4. Merry Christmas!! I just started following your blog. Glad you're a part of Blogville! xxoo

    1. Thank you for following! My follower number has doubled since yesterday, and you're making a difference! Thanks for stopping by and come back soon!


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