December 9, 2015

Katie the Red Nosed Beagle

I've been doing some photo editing this week, and you probably know that if you've been up on reading our posts.

I take normal photos of my pets and turn them into something more crazy and Christmasy.

I'm happy with this zany piece of work.

Thanks to PicMonkey for their easy, user-friendly editing site!

I use it for basically everything.

Believe it or not, it only took me about thirty seconds to touch up this hilarious photo.

Take a look at how awesome editing is with Katie the red nosed Beagle!


  1. Hi! whats your editing app? i try to use those installed on my PC (macphun tonality and Afinnity studio pro)but it is very hard to learn them for just simple non-professional editing. thanks

    1. I used Picmonkey, which is a very simple, user-friendly website (not a program) that helps you edit your photos quickly and easily.


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