December 17, 2015

AKC Eukanuba Championship Results: Part 2

Happy Thursday!

I hope everyone is enjoying their day so far.

You might know that the annual AKC Eukanuba Championship was on Saturday and Sunday night.

I watched all seven or eight hours of the show within a couple of days.

You can watch it too if you haven't already!

Just go on Eukanuba's live website to watch both nights.

This isn't like the National Dog Show, where they only show you a few breeds in each group being judged.

They show every dog being examined and strutting their stuff around the ring.

The narrators also tell you the name of the dog, possibly the name of the dog's handler, and they tell you a bit about each dog.

A French Bulldog is a fan of pizza and blueberry muffins, one Clumber Spaniel carried a favorite squeaky toy as he gaited for the judge, and a Portuguese Water Dog loves himself some nice juicy steak!

If you want to watch the whole show, do not continue reading this post!

I am revealing the group results in this post and who is awarded Best in Show!

Yesterday I revealed two or three of the group winners.

Today I'll reveal the other four group winners and move on to Reserve Best in Show and Best in Show.

Also, there was an award for the breeder of the year and the best breeder/owner/handler in show.

Are you ready to see who was victorious in the Sporting group? The winner is indeed a pretty dog! I hoped for the English Springer Spaniel, GCH CH Wynmoor Sweetgrass White Diamonds, to win, for I love this gorgeous breed. The ESS is probably the prettiest breed of all the breeds out of there. Liz, the Springer's call name, won her group at the 139th Westminster Dog Show.

However, even though Liz didn't place in her group, I still am happy with these results.

1st: GCH CH Darnelle's Pennies From Heaven (Irish Setter)
2nd: GCH CH Rush Hill's Drama'Geddon JH (Golden Retriever)
3rd: GCH CH Vjk-Myst Garbonita's California Journey (German Shorthaired Pointer)
4th: GCH CH Ashdown's Time To Thrill (Cocker Spaniel, Black)

Penny is a veteran dog, meaning she's a senior show dog, but she really impressed the judge that night! Congrats to Penny and her handler Susan Schafer!

This is Willis, who came in second!

CJ came in third, and his breeder/owner/handler was chosen the breeder/owner/handler of the year! He's proud of his ribbon, good old CJ!

Alan won fourth place!

The Working group is an awesome group with a wide variety of dogs. This group is made up of big dogs, most of them being fiercely loyal gentle giants. They will do anything to protect their owners though! This may be bias, but I wanted the Komondor, Chauncey, to win. However, this is totally bias because I have lots of interest in Komondorok (the strange plural of Komondor) and because the handler was Zack Helmer.

He and his wife Heather handle Bloodhounds, including GCH CH Flessner's International S'cess, call name Nathan. He's retired as of this year, and apparently he's enjoying it! Heather Helmer handled Mongo the Bloodhound during the show, in case you're wondering who the cute Bloodhound was!

Okay, back to the Working group. It was a close call, but when a dog is the puppy of GCH CH Claircreek's Impression De Matisse, he might as well win his group! Here are the results!

1st: GCH CH Aviators Lady's Man De Remis (Portuguese Water Dog)
2nd: GCH CH Pebbles' Run Play It Again Ham (Samoyed)
3rd: GCH CH Mephisto's Speak Of The Devil (Boxer)
4th: GCH CH Rivergroves Enough Said (Great Pyrenees)

Congrats to Manly and his handler Remy Smith-Lewis for winning the group! Manly is definitely following the footsteps (pawsteps?) of his sire, Matisse!

Handsome Bogey placed second!

Devlin was in third place!

Brooks was fourth in her group!

Let's discuss the Terrier group. Terriers win BIS more than any other group, and it's probably because there is so much versatility in the temperament and appearance in each of the Terrier breeds.

So, who was the victorious pooch?

1st: GCH CH Round Town Queen Of Hearts Of Maryscot (Scottish Terrier)
2nd: GCH CH Yarrow Venerie Winning Ticket (Norfolk Terrier)
3rd: GCH CH Wildside Windancer (Airedale Terrier)
4th: GCH CH Yanga's All The Time (Miniature Schnauzer)

Congrats to Queenie and her handler, Gabriel Rangel, for winning their group!

Let's also congratulate Winston, who placed second! This image isn't from the AKC Eukanuba show, but it's still the same famed pooch!

Congrats to Madison for winning third place in her group!

Lastly we'll say congrats to Mexico who came from Mexico (hence the name) to show everyone how cute and experienced he is!

Oh, yes, the Herding group! Let's check out the results!

1st: GCH CH Lockenhaus Rumor Has It V Kenlyn (German Shepherd)
2nd: GCH CH Thunderhill's Apple Bottom Jeans (Shetland Sheepdog)
3rd: GCH CH De Joie Du Chateau Rocher CA (Beauceron)
4th: GCH CH Wind Spirit Rod's Amazing Grace (Australian Shepherd)

Nice job out there, Rumor! You and your handler, Kent Boyles, did great! After all, you are the top show dog of all breeds, and I'm not kidding!

Bindy also did a good job!

Gideon won third place!

Grace placed fourth in the group!

So, who was the breeder of the year? John Buddie of Tartanside Collies! He's bred champions for years, so he deserves this title! This is one of his gorgeous dogs!

Time to choose Reserve Best in Show!

So, who is it?

The bear-like Pilot?

The agile Brazen?

The fluffy R8?

The striking Rumor?

The ladylike Queenie?

The exuberant Manly?

The lovely Penny?

It's Queenie taking Reserve Best in Show!

Winning her 100th Best in Show title at the age of four, Rumor wins Best in Show!

It was a great show!

Rumor and Kent must be thrilled to win the huge ribbon, 50,000 dollars, some trophies, and thousands of dollars worth of pet supplies!

Have a great day!

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