December 16, 2015

AKC Eukanuba Championship Results: Part 1

Hi, everyone!

I hope you're all excited that we're inching closer and closer to Christmas with every passing day.

All you dog fanciers, especially dog show fanciers, probably know that the annual AKC (American Kennel Club) Eukanuba National Championship took place on Saturday and Sunday night.

I didn't manage to find the time to watch the live stream those nights, so I was happy to see that the full show was on the Eukanuba live website, separated into the two different nights.

In total, the show was over eight hours long, though a good hour of it was spent with dog commercials, the kind of commercials that were cute the first time but not cute the five hundredth time.

That's right!

They played the same commercials over and over!

Just ask me to recite the Eukanuba commercial with the seventeen year old black Labs...ugh, it's still in my head.

I've been a huge dog show fancier for a while, and as you know I've recently entered the sport with a mini Dachshund who we got recently.

I'm sure you've seen Christmas (that's the dog's name) around the blog these past couple months!

Okay, if you haven't watched the show and plan to watch it because it's totally amazing and it's impossible not to watch, do not read this post!

Spoiler alert!

I enjoyed watching the Hound group, especially because this is my favorite of the seven groups and my dog's breed is in the Hound group. I really liked seeing the Bloodhound, Mongo, who was handled by Heather Helmer, Nathan the Bloodhound's handler in Westminster and other big shows. He retired recently, but I'm sure you know who I'm talking about!

It was a close call, but here's what the results look like in the Hound group!

1st: GCH Sporting Field's Shameless (Whippet)
2nd: GCH CH Vin-Melca's Daggarwood Delight (Norwegian Elkhound)
3rd: GCH CH Torquay Midnight Victory (15 inch Beagle)
4th: GCH CH Passport What Did You Say Ss

Brazen the Whippet won her group with her handler, Amanda Giles! This is Brazen after her win.

Here's a picture of GCH CH Vin-Melca's Daggarwood Delight! This image is not from this show...I can't find a photo of her during the championship. I can't even find out what her call name is!

I can't find out the Beagle's call name either! This photo also isn't from this show, but it's still the same head-tilting pooch!

I also can't find out what this smooth Dachshund's name is, but I know the handsome fella won fourth in the group!

Next the Non-Sporting group appeared in the ring. There are a wide variety of breeds in this ring, and though quite a few of the dogs in this group was cute little companion dogs, some of the breeds, such as the Dalmatian and Chow Chow, are larger and tougher. So, who won this interesting group? The Chow Chow, if you please!

Here's what it looks like on paper!

1st: GCH CH Eastern-Magic Fly Me Safe (Chow Chow)
2nd: GCH CH Sabe's Simply Invincible (Boston Terrier)
3rd: GCH CH Ashbrook's Easy Rider (Keeshond)
4th: GCH CH Wilson's I'm Your Handyman (English Bulldog)

This is Pilot strutting his stuff! His handler, Michael Brantley, must be proud of his dog!

Vinnie won second!

I can't even find a pic of Rider at this least I know what his name is!

Decker placed fourth in his group!

It's time to see how the Toy group did! Do you like little dogs, the kind that will be your best friend, lapdog, and tiny companion? You'll really enjoy these results if you like these fellas! Here's what really happened out there.

1st: Hidden Valley B R8 (Toy Poodle)
2nd: GCH CH Hill Country's Tag I'M It (Pug)
3rd: GCH CH Hallmark Jolei Rocket Power (Shih Tzu)
4th: GCH CH Marchwind Barbara Ann (Italian Greyhound)

Look how dignified little R8 is! After all, the pup came all the way from Asia with handler Gil-Je Seong in hopes of winning!

JJ was second best in the group!

Guess who got third in the group? Rocket, of course! I've met this sweet little pooch before!

Now let's cover fourth place! Say hello to Barbara Ann!

I'll post the rest tomorrow! You just might be surprised with the results, or maybe you won't be at all. It doesn't matter, the top dog will end up winning anyway!

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