December 3, 2015

A Very Corgi Christmas 2015

This year let your holiday season be filled with corgis.

Dress up your corgis in a festive way.

You can watch a pack of corgis pull a sleigh.

Snap a photo of your corgi in front of your Christmas tree.

Buy your corgi a santa hat.

Perhaps you can indulge in your corgi's adorable antics.

Or let your corgi host a holiday party for his corgi friends.

Purchase a fun gift for your corgi this year.

Bling your corgi up with a ribbon.

Host a corgi costume party.

Find a special holiday spot for your corgi to relax.

Take a few festive photos of your corgi.

Stand out in the streets with a corgi sled!

Teach your corgis the way of the elf.

And make sure to give your best friend a very corgi Christmas!

I know you all have been waiting for this annual post! You may remember that I shared it for our 20 Days of Memories series, too. It's time to Christmas it up on Paw Province!

Have a very Corgi Christmas!


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