December 6, 2015

A Sunday at Petsmart

Hi, everyone!

I hope you all have been enjoying your weekend.

Today I went to Petsmart and had lots of fun.

I hung out with the Siberian Huskies from the Releashed Rescue, a dog rescue I've posted about before, and I also spent some time with the adoptable kitties inside of Petsmart.

The first photos I'll show you are of the currently adoptable dogs at the Releashed Rescue. You can look into the rescue if you live in Georgia and want an active dog!


Rebel is a really cute Siberian Husky mix. I think he kind of looks like he is mixed with Lab, especially because of his floppy ears. He is real friendly and lovable! He reminds me of a former Releashed dog, Magnus, who was adopted about a month ago. He was featured in a previous post of mine. He is a pretty new dog at the rescue. Today I met him for the second time.

Rebel says: It's never too early for Tongue Out Tuesday!

Rebel says: Dude, stop with the pictures already!


Caiden is a beautiful Siberian Husky with a dark coat, white face, and blue eyes. He isn't as new to the rescue as Rebel, but he hasn't been there very long either. He seems very sweet and laid-back, and I've met him quite a few times.

Caiden says: Look into my eyes! I demand that you take me home!


Another new edition (or addition?) to the rescue, Turbo is a very sweet Siberian Husky mix that has lots to offer! Not only is he very handsome, but he is also outgoing. He has such a cute face! The Releashed Rescue website says that he might be mixed with Great Pyrenees. That explains the loving personality! Only after meeting him once, he is one of my personal favorites at the rescue!

Turbo says: Sup? (What other option did I have? Ha.)


This ten year old hound mix has been with the rescue for over a year, and it surprises me that he hasn't found a furever home yet. Perhaps it's because of his large size and age, but that doesn't mean he isn't calm and loving. To me Jethro looks like he might have Bloodhound mixed in him, which is cool, because the Bloodhound is my favorite dog of all time! If you've been reading the blog for a while, you'll know that I talk about Bloodhounds a LOT.

Also he may of not found a home yet because he has quite a bit of slobber to go around, but hey, that's what makes him charming! Senior dogs are great, which I've learned from Katie, who turned fourteen last month. I actually like when big jowly dogs like Jethro slobber. I'm always excited when Jethro makes it to an adoption event! I've met two or three times now.

Jethro says: Check out my hound dog jowls!


Abbey is the newest dog in the Releashed pack, and she's quite a pretty dog. She's a Siberian Husky mixed with Border Collie. She almost reminds me of a big Shetland Sheepdog! Since she's so new, today was the first time I had the pleasure of interacting with her. She charmed dog fanciers with her adorable antics and cute face, but she soon was fast asleep. Apparently the attention was a little too much for her!

Abbey says: Paparazzi is demanding. I can't even enjoy a little beauty sleep!


If you want a wolf-like dog but don't feel safe with those wolf/dog hybrids, Lyric just might be the pup for you! She looks a lot like a wolf! She has a very calm, sweet demeanor and a luscious coat, meaning lots of people can't resist petting this gorgeous dog! I've met her twice now, and I can tell she's a pretty good dog!

Lyric says: The heritage of the wolf runs through my blood!


Spanky is a great dog. I've probably met a maximum of five times, and let me tell you, he's a cool dog. He's one of the best Releashed dogs I've met! I like every dog in the world, but there are some that really stand out! Spanky seems to be the complete package with his good looks, gentleness, and playfulness. I posted a photo of him about a month ago in another post I made about the Releashed Rescue dogs.

Spanky: Lookin' for a good lookin' dog and best friend? I'm the guy for you!


Anyone who's been with Paw Province a while will now that Sarge, a dog who has been with the Releashed Rescue for probably over a year, is my favorite dog at the rescue! He's just a great dog! I'm not actually sure what he's mixed with, but I think I heard he's a Siberian Husky mix. Just look at those out-of-this-world eyes! I've met him so many times, and he's very friendly, energetic, playful, but gentle at the same time. I even saw him groom another dog one time! Also, from personal experiences, I've learned he's a kisser! Not that there's anything wrong with a bit of dog slobber!

Now it's time to roll out the cats!

There are two new cats at the All About Cats rescue, and their names are Java and Guinness. They are both rare chocolate kittens with beautiful yellow eyes that make you think of owls. You can tell them apart by the little dash of white on Java. Or on Guinness. Well, I know that one of them sports a dash of white, I just don't know which one.

You may of noticed that you can see a blurry cat jumping up to where the other cat is. Note that I just realized that now! Also, I was completely unaware at the time that the other brother was right there, waiting to spring up for a photo.

Well, it was a fun day!

Have a great night!

Enjoy the last sliver of weekend indulgence!

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