December 13, 2015

A Bloodhound Celebration

Hi, everyone!

Happy Sunday!

Early this year and late last year I would post a bunch of cool pics of Bloodhounds.

I haven't done it in so long, so I decided to stop our holiday themed posts for the day and show you guys some ol' hound dogs.

Bloodhounds are the best dogs ever!

These slobbery, wrinkly, noisy hounds are so cute and gentle.

Here's your Bloodhound fix!

This Bloodhound has the muzzle of a walrus!

This pup has yet to earn her wrinkles. She does need to grow into those ears though!

This puppy has some wrinkled skin...

This puppy knows what wrinkles are all about!

This is an excellent example of the majestic breed. This is seriously a gorgeous dog.

Oh, here's another wrinkly pup.

I'm sure you can all recognize GCH Flessner's International S'cess, call name Nathan, who won BIS at the National Dog Show last year. He also won second in the Hound group at the 139th Westminster show! He's now retired from the show ring, but he's still so adorbs!

Perhaps it's his long pendant ears that caused him to take home the big prize.

Look at the wrinkles on this fella!

Well, that was a pretty wrinkly, slobbery post!

Wipe the drool from your computer screen and enjoy the rest of your day!


  1. I have a bloodhound and what can I say - this is the best dog ever! My dog's name is Paula and she is quite the little diva with the ferocious appetite. Together with my other Beagle named Tey, they are a formidable pair. Their noses can really go into overdrive and they need lots of exercise or they're going to become obese, if I may say so myself. For more information about the sad-looking but big-hearted breed, see this link


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