November 27, 2015

My Experience at the Montgomery Kennel Club Dog Show

Hello, folks!

Happy black Friday!

I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving, and I hope you also liked yesterday's post.

I put a lot of work into it!

As you can see, yesterday's televised dog show is very important to me!

As you know, I went to a dog show in Montgomery, Alabama last weekend.

I never posted anything about it yet, so I've decided to now!

Here are Christmas and I, ready for the ring!

I took a moment to admire this Dalmatian, but the unique dog didn't want me to get a good picture of him or her.

Ryan the Great Dane was very gentle with Chris. She would sometimes lie down to be level with her new Dachshund friend!

This American Eskimo Dog was happy to hear that it was almost his time to shine!

Jack is a Chinese Crested who enjoys treats before he enters the ring.

This little guy, a kindly Yorkshire Terrier, patiently tolerated a grooming session.

This Golden Retriever obediently carried out his master's orders. Going for his CGC, perhaps?

This Boxer curiously looked at the camera!

This Weimaraner maintained a regal stance when the camera came out.

The Doberman Pinschers enter the ring!

Audrey the Rough Collie was all prettied up for the ring.

And so was this Standard Poodle.

And this one was too!

It appears the Irish Setters will soon enter the ring.

Natalie is an adorable French Bulldog!

The cuteness of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is unreal.

Believe it or not, this is a dog.

Puppy dog eyes!

This is a very sleepy Boston Terrier.

This cute little Pomeranian will be hard to beat!

Now it was time for Christmas and I to make an appearance in the junior ring.

I was with an Afghan, a Miniature Pinscher, and a lemon Beagle.

As you can tell, the Afghan was the largest dog in the line-up!

We didn't win in juniors, but Chris and I still had fun out there! Now it was time to show in breed, which in this case, was miniature smooth Dachshund. Usually it's just smooth, but this time there was a class for minis, too.

Brownwood Time to Shine (Chris' fancy show name) is stacked on the table as the judge examines him. Christmas enjoys the attention!

Christmas didn't win anything in breed, but we enjoyed showing in breed! When we got home that night, we were glad we went to such a fun show!


  1. Looks like a good time! Westminster here you come!

  2. In my usual technologically challenged way, I responded to the wrong post...;) My post was for this one! SO I will say again, so proud of you and Christmas!! Way to go!!!!!!! Thank you for being Jesus' very heart to our furry friends! Love Miss Suzanne ;)


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