November 7, 2015

How #DogThanking Can Help Improve the Health of our Pets

Good morning, fellow animal-lovers!

I hope you're all excited that it's the weekend!

After a long week, I hope reading my blog will help you unwind!

I know you probably saw the title of this post.

So, what does the #DogThanking mean anyway?

What is it?

Well, we have the answers!

Purina will donate $1 for everyone who enters their latest contest with the hashtag #DogThanking.

So, basically what you do is you say what your thankful for that your dog is or does.

Many choose to hold up a sign next to their dog.

Wait, but there's more!

Purina will choose the best #DogThanking submissions and share them during the National Dog Show Presented by Purina on NBC this Thanksgiving!

It's a great way to get into the Thanksgiving spirit, help raise money for the well-being of dogs, and you can also get a chance of being shown on TV!

I don't know what type of competition I have, but look for me and Christmas during the show!

This is our submission below.

You can enter through Facebook, Twitter, or Instragram.

Good luck!

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