November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving! Here's What Happened at the National Dog Show

The title of the post says it all!

I hope you're all enjoying your Thanksgiving!

Whether you slept in, watched the Macy's parade, checked out the National Dog Show, or stuffed yourself with turkey as a furry friend begged at your feet, I'm sure you had a great day!

I very much enjoyed my day!

I was excited to watch the National Dog Show presented by Purina at noon today!

I watched it last year, and before that, I didn't really know what a dog show was.

Ever since I watched last year's show and saw the Bloodhound earn the title of BIS (Best in Show) I was intrigued by the world of dog conformation. It was Thanksgiving day, and we were visiting family in New York. If you've been keeping up with my blog, you'll know that I recently have begun showing Christmas, my new Dachshund, who I adopted as a working show dog purposely.

Watching the Bloodhound (GCH Flessner's International S'cess) also made me a convert to the unique breed. It's not that I ever disliked Bloodhounds, I actually never really knew what they were like because I wasn't as dog loco as I am today. Nathan (the dog's call name) is who made the Bloodhound my favorite breed of all time!

There was a decent bunch of dogs this year. I was especially happy to see the Bloodhound, and though it wasn't Nathan, it was a male Bloodhound related to Nathan, GCH Hickoryhollow's Candygram for Mongo, also known as Mongo. He won fourth in the hound group, and though I wish he won first, fourth is pretty good, I must say!

So, who won first in the hound group? GCH Foxcliffe Chelsea Piers, a Scottish Deerhound! Handled by Angela Lloyd, this dog's got talent! And if you were hoping to see GCH Foxcliffe Hickory Wing, the well-known Deerhound known as Hickory, you'll be happy to know that Chelsea here is one of Hickory's pups!

The sporting group is always a great group to watch. I enjoy watching the spaniels float along the ground with their gorgeous feathered coats and I like when the pointers jump up at their bait humorously. Pointers are like that!

There was a great bunch of dogs, and though I'm a huge English Springer Spaniel fancier, I was very happy when an ascob (some refer to them as buff) American Cocker Spaniel (GCH Blondheims Easy Matters, also known as Matt) won first place, handled by Lisa Arnett! They are beautiful, gentle, and clownish, and they're hard not to like! I am still amazed at this dog's cuteness and beauty factor!

Things got exciting when the Terrier group made an appearance. From Airedales to Bedlingtons to Cairns to Skyes...wait, Skye Terriers? Well, you know that if a Skye Terrier is at a show, it's bound to be GCH CH Cragsmoor Good Time Charlie, who's basically the top show dog of the year, not to mention the #3 Terrier breed!

If you were watching the show, I bet you weren't surprised to see that Charlie, with handler Larry Cornelius, did win his group! This four year old dog now has 79 BIS awards! Did you hear me? 79! This dog is show material!

I actually saw him from a distance at my first show, the Atlanta Kennel Club Fall Dog Show. Yes, I saw this year's most trended show dog!

The Working group came around, and it's always a nice group to see. There are all types of large interesting breeds in this group! Whether you like Bernese Mountain Dogs, Saint Bernards, Berger Picards, or Newfoundlands, this group has the dog for you!

Speaking of Newfs, one of these lumbering black beasts won first in the Working group! Winslow, with the registered name of GCH Turftide's Breezing Up At Bear N Mind, was more than happy to be the slobbering fellow that won the Working group! I do not know who is the dog's handler, unfortunately. I had a hard enough time finding a single photo of the dog himself. Well done, Winslow!

Next let's take a look at the Toy group winner! The Toy group is a large group of many dogs, including the Pomeranian, Chihuahua, Pug, and Brussels Griffon. You know, all of these cute little dogs that don't quite fit in with the terriers.

I am happy to say that a Chihuahua, with the registered name of GCH Sonnus Filho Sanchez and the call name of Sonnito, was happy to win the group! Erika Lanasa, his handler, was proud of her little dog! Good job out there, Sonnito!

Okay, I say this about every group, but the Herding group is a bunch of fun! If you like dogs like Border Collies and Australian Shepherds, you'll certainly enjoy this group!

Last year everyone was happy when Zack, registered as GCH American Canadian Champion Dunhill Steeler Nation, won first in the Herding group. This year was no different! Kudos to Zack for being the same charming pooch he was last year, jumping up to take the bait his handler, Katie Shepard,\ taunted him with!

It's time to recap the Non-Sporting. These are dogs that were bred solely for companionship, or their original purpose doesn't need to be fulfilled nowadays. A couple of dogs in the group are the Dalmatian and all three sizes of Poodle.

If you like little brachy dogs with clownish traits, you'll be glad to know that Rubi, a French Bulldog, was victorious, winning first in the group! I have no idea what she's registered as or who her handler is. Some sites call her Ruby, while some spell it Rubi. I have no idea. Apparently every Frenchie out there is named Ruby. Oh, well, you still had a great day, Ruby! Or Rubi?

The seven group winners have been chosen...over 1000 dogs of all 175 AKC registered breeds have shown up, but only won will go home with the title of Best in Show.

The seven were a great lineup, and you should definitely look at the line-up if you watch it somewhere. When you have the seven winners, any of the dogs are worthy of bringing home the big prize, but of course one has to make the cut.

Before the big honor is given, Reserve Best in Show is awarded. Sure, it isn't as awesome as BIS, but second place is pretty dog good! The award went to...the French Bulldog!

Now it's time for the big finish...only one dog can be Best in Show...and that dog is the Skye Terrier!

Charlie, you did great out there!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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