November 24, 2015

Button's Back!

Today's post is extra adorable, for it features Button, one of my dog-walking clients, who happens to be an adorable Boxer that you can't help but love.

I took these photos of her over a month ago but never got around to posting them.

Well, you finally get to see these photos!

Last month I posted a photo of Button and I, and I'm assuming that you all loved here!

Button's back, cuter than ever!

I also decided to caption the photos because she is perfect for it!

Do you like my bandanna?

It's a beautiful day!

I have an adorable brachycephalic face!

I cannot take a walk right now. I see the puparazzi.

I am a majestic creature.

Robin Whiskers says this is her favorite photo of me!

Even blurry photos look awesome if I'm in them.

Robin says I look like an English Bulldog in this shot!

I do not want to go for a walk. I would much rather stand here and pose for the puparazzi.

Yes, Button is an adorable dog!

You might see more of her in the future!

Leave your input in the comment section to tell me which Button photo is the cutest!

Have a great day!

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