November 25, 2015

All Aboard The Hype Train!

All aboard the hype train!

Why, you ask?

Because tomorrow the National Dog Show presented by Purina will be on NBC after the parade!

Last year's BIS (Best in Show) winner was GCH Flessner's International S'cess, a Bloodhound with the call name of Nathan.

Nathan was the one that inspired my love for the Bloodhound and my interested in the sport of conformation.

I wonder what famous show dogs will be at the show tomorrow!

One day I hope to be there, but for now I'm happy to watch it on the television!

A couple weeks ago I told you that I entered a contest where a photo of Christmas and I might be featured during the National Dog Show.

Keep an eye out for Chris and I!

Well, let's hope for a successful show tomorrow!

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