October 21, 2015

Look How Far We've Come

Hello, folks! This may seem like a normal post here on Paw Province, but it's actually not. If you have been with us for some time now, you may now that these month we ran a series called, 20 Days of Memories, and it was a countdown to today, our anniversary. Today is sort of like the last day of the series, for we will be looking back at our year.

Paw Province was created October 21, 2014. It was a nice evening, and it was then that I decided to create a blog, a blog that would perhaps stand out, and even if it didn't, would still be worth something. After much brainstorming, I came up with the name, "Paw Province", and it basically would tell anyone who came across it that it was for pet fanciers everywhere.

I decided to base my posts about pet information, maybe a meme or two, and some personal stories involving my own personal pets. Within an hour, Paw Province was created, and I was ready to begin a blogging adventure that would be amazing to embark on.

After designing the Paw Province page, I decided to get to work. The first design of the page had the paw print backdrop we have now, and the looks of the entire page were still very similar, though you may know a couple of months ago we made a couple of minor adjustments, most of them having to do with fonts and colors. The paw backdrop will stay forever!

The first couple of weeks of posting were brief, and I covered some questions like, "why do cats love boxes?". I also made a couple of cute posts like "10 ways dogs are like people". I also wrote a similar post to that one featuring cats. I even made a couple of posts like, "35 cats ready for Halloween" and "reasons you should spay or neuter your pet". We even had, "things to consider before heading to the dog park" and "keep your black dogs and cats safe this Halloween".

November was an interesting month, and I noticed looking back that post of the posts in November were either about the National Dog Show on Thanksgiving or how adorable Bloodhounds are. I think I should of spiced it up a bit, but both topics are equally exciting.

As I have said many times in just the past couple of months, December was the best month Paw Province has ever known. The holiday posts are what I find to be nostalgic and unique, and I couldn't be happier with that cheery month. I'm hoping that this holiday season will be just as special as last year's for Paw Province. One of our top posts overall, the best holiday posts we had was "a very corgi Christmas". Ah, that was an interesting post.

Before we knew it, the New Year kicked off, and it was time for more fun. January a month mostly filled with posts about Smokey, hairless animals, rats, and two of our cats, who we adopted late that month. This was a month with much variety.

Now let's talk about February. I was doing something at the time where every day had a topic that I would address with a single picture, but somehow I ended up forgetting about it along the way. However, February was my birthday month, so there was a brief summary on that, along with lots of news about the 139th annual Westminster Dog Show. It was a great show!

There were only ten posts in March, for it was a very busy month, and for a week of that month I was sick. However, ten is better than zero, so I appreciate that I got some blogging in there. Those posts featured a single photo with a short caption, and that's really it. I wish did some more during March.

Next came April. Unlike March, April was a month of posting, posting, posting. I mean a lot of posting, too much posting. Too much for you guys to keep up with. Many of the posts were short with simple captions for a photo or two, and that was mostly it. However, my 500th post took place that month, and I had the privilege to interview Debbie Glovatsky of the famous blog "Glogirly". It's a famous blog featuring Katie, a no-nonsense kind of cat, and Waffles, a chicken-loving clumsy cat.

May came into view, and it was probably the best month for Paw Province, besides December, of course. Why is that, you might ask? Well, we ran an 8-part series in late May, and it was titled, "Florida Vacay". We spent a great week in sunny Naples, Florida with our aunt and uncle, and it was a great week, filled with nature and everything you love about vacation. You can look back at our archives and take a look at the series. You won't regret it!

June quickly came around, and it was a month I'm satisfied with. We were soon to introduce Benson the Bulldog, a temporary mascot to Paw Province, who basically is a Bulldog I drew for the blog. I highlighted the beginning of the summer months, and some funny, light-hearted posts you'll definitely enjoy.

Then July came, and Benson made his first appearance. He got all dressed up for Independence Day, and I spent the rest of the month mostly posting about our two lovely cats, Cosmo and Phineas, and our newest cat who arrived early that month, Mozzie. Also, my favorite post of the month was one I called, "you better got comfortable, it's a Petsmart palooza", or something like that. In other words, I took a squillion photos at Petsmart you'll enjoy viewing in the archives.

August came into view, and the first day of school was celebrated with Benson, all suited up for a day of learning. We had a day celebrating the underdog breed, the Pit Bull, and we put aside some time to show off some animal odd couples. We even gave you a day full of lovely terriers, and to top it off, we celebrated National Dog Day and interviewed Emma from "My GBGV Life", a dog fitness, health, and humor blog, for our 700th post!

September came around, and we ended up taking home three hermit crabs, Brigadier, Penny, and Lola. Penny and Lola haven't appeared on the blog (yet) for they belong to my siblings. I have the closest bond with my girl, Brigadier. You definitely should check the archives for some fun with Brigadier! She's a great little hermit crab!

Then, lastly, October came, and this entire month has solely been the 20 Days of Memories series. It's definitely longer than our Florida Vacay series! Below is a list of the adventures we've ran this month as part of the series!

Day 1: Our First Post
Day 2: An Interview With Smokey
Day 3: My Experience at the Chattanooga Kennel Club Dog Show
Day 4: A Very Corgi Christmas
Day 5: Tons of Terriers
Day 6: 10 Reasons to Have a Shar Pei
Day 7:139th Annual Westminster Dog Show Results
Day 8: A Weekend in Blairsville
Day 9: Dogue's Day Poem
Day 10: The Releashed Rescue Adoptables
Day 11: Meet Clint The Snail
Day 12: Naples House Tour
Day 13: 8 Reasons To Love Nathan The Bloodhound
Day 14: Get Out of Cooperstown
Day 15: 10 Reasons Dogs Are Like People
Day 16: The LOLcat Code
Day 17: Pit Bull Quotes & Funnies
Day 18: Sunday With Sophie & Shadow
Day 19: Phineas Gets Tech-Savvy

Yes. this has been a busy month for all of us! I'd like to thank all of you for keeping up with the cuteness on Paw Province. I'd also like to thank my personal pets for letting me take so many pictures of them, and by so many, I mean a lot of pictures.

This blog may never be a big thing, but it's still great for a small community of animal-lovers to share their experiences and get to know my pets. However, I would be thrilled if we did gain many followers, for the news of how amazing animals can be would spread everywhere. Here are some statistics about Paw Province!

Total page views: 61,039

We've had viewers in: America, Ukraine, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Canada, Italy, Australia, and Russia

Most viewed post: 10 Reasons Everyone Should Have a Shar Pei, with 4828 pageviews

2nd most viewed post: Chinese Shar Pei Party!, with 1882 pageviews

3rd most viewed post: Puppy Power, 1275, tied with Bloodhound Marathon

This was a great post, but we're done yet. Come on, hang in there a little longer, you'll survive. You'll enjoy what you'll see below!

We gave Frodo to a new home because we couldn't handle his energy, but we do have a new dog, and I know you're excited to see him! Friends, meet Christmas.

Christmas is a 1-year-old miniature Dachshund.

You have to admit. he's adorable.

He's got some awesome head-tilting skills.

Christmas and I are already bonded, and Christmas isn't any dog.

He's a champion bloodline show dog!

Christmas and I are now a show duo, and Christmas, who is registered as Brownwood Time To Shine, just came to live with us this weekend after one of our shows. Christmas lived at a farm with forty horses and thirty two other Dachshunds! Yes, thirty two, I'm not joking!

Please ignore my little brother in the background.....

Expect to see a lot more from Christmas in the future! I'll actually share another photo or two of him tomorrow. Our normal schedule will continue after today's post! Christmas is a very intelligent, friendly 12-pound dog that loves life!

Well, guys, that's all for today. I really hope you enjoyed this special post and this special year of blogging! Raise your glasses to another year of greatness! This was a long post....go get a bowl of ice cream. You deserve it.

Celebrating a successful year,

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