October 9, 2015

20 Days of Memories: Day 8

Welcome back to our 20 Days of Memories series! The month of October is full of memories, and this is day 8! This post is about a weekend I spent in Blairsville in late April. Enjoy!

You may be wondering why I haven't been posting for a few days now. Well, I was in Blairsville with my dad visiting our friends who live on a mountain, and I didn't really have time to do any posts. However, those friends have two lovely dogs and two adorable kitties that I took photos of quite often. I believe I might of posted some photos of them before. Anyway, here are some pictures I took this weekend!

Scout is the gentle 12-year-old 110 pound Akita/German Shepherd mix. Kita is the spunky 12-year-old Australian Shepherd mix. Panther (black tomcat) and Chloe aka Coco (gray tabby she-cat) are the 17-year-old spontaneous Domestic Shorthair siblings.

Kita is a very loyal dog, so she decided to sleep with me on the couch. Panther joined in on the fiesta, too. I used the Furminator on Scout and got two bags full of fur! I also gave Scout and Kita a bath. I took Kita for walks on the mountain. Kita and I explored the property of a vacant house Monday morning. We saw broken mirrors and planks of wood in the grass. That afternoon, we took a walk down the road and before I knew it, we were being chased by two little Chihuahuas! They were really cute, but not when they were baring their teeth at Kita and I! I had a great weekend with everyone, especially Kita. Enjoy the photos!

I used an application on our friends' Ipad that takes bizarre photos!

Until tomorrow.....

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