October 7, 2015

20 Days of Memories: Day 6

Welcome back to our 20 Days of Memories series!

This year, we're featuring some of the best posts we've created since we first posted on October 21st, 2014. The series is going good so far!

Today's memory is only from early June. This was definitely a fan favorite, and one of my favorites!

The title says it all! Who wouldn't love to get their hands on a soft, mushy, wrinkly ball of affection? If you answered "nobody" than you are correct! Here are ten reasons everyone should have a Shar Pei. Enjoy!

1. They're friendly
You might be thinking, "is it really THAT simple?" The answer is yes, yes it is.

2. They're huggable
Well, basically any dog is, but the Shar Pei is definitely at the top of the list. Just look at this little guy!

3. They're social
And you certainly will be social with your Shar Pei. You can't bear to leave the room when a lovable Shar Pei is lying there. These adorable pooches also enjoy the company of other dogs.

4. They're wrinkly
The best-known fact about this unique canine is that they're wrinkly. They're like living folds of flabby wrinkles with a beating heart. Pretty strange, isn't it? You'll change your mind once you see this guy. Actually, Shar Pei means "sand skin".

5. They're majestic
I mean, look at this Shar Pei standing in the snow with his or her Shar Pei buddies. Doesn't that look majestic to you? If you answered no, I have no idea why you're still reading this post. Just kidding!

6. They're devoted
The Shar Pei is known to be a rather independent breed of dog, but once you earn their trust, you've earned a friend for life. Can't you see love in those soft almond-shaped eyes?

7. They're clean and easy to housebreak
You may not find your Shar Pei taking a mud bath, but you still have to clean out those folds. If you don't, your dog can get skin conditions and you should also expect a strong doggy odor. It may be easy to housebreak a Shar Pei, but it isn't as easy to train them....that's a whole other story.

8. They're quiet
If you have a quiet household and wish to keep it that way, this may be the ideal dog for you. They may not be as vocal as other breeds, but it doesn't mean they're completely silent!

9. They're protectors
If you want a dog to protect you, look no further than the Shar Pei. They aren't super duper suspicious, but they take their family seriously.

10. They'll love you more than they love themselves
And that's all we ask for in a dog. There have been many tales of aggressive Shar Pei, only because some people adopt them without knowing they need a firm, consistent, and clear hand to guide them. But, if you commit yourself to properly training and socializing a Shar Pei, you're good to go!

That's all for today!

Until next time......

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