October 6, 2015

20 Days of Memories: Day 5

Welcome back to Paw Province!

If you haven't been on a little while, let me tell you that until late October we'll be running 20 Days of Memories, a series where each day we feature a favorite post from the past.

Why are we doing this? Well, October 21st is our 1st anniversary! Go, Paw Province!

Everyone seemed to like this post about terriers, so I've decided to run it again. Enjoy!

Welsh Terrier (A smaller version of the Airedale Terrier)

Norfolk Terrier (A cute little ball of tenacity)

Silky Terrier (A close relative of the Yorkshire Terrier)

Australian Terrier (Also like a Yorkshire Terrier)

Cairn Terrier (Known for it's role as Toto in the Wizard of Oz)

Wire Fox Terrier (One of the cutest dogs to dwell on this earth)

Parson Russell Terrier (A scruffy relative of the Jack Russell Terrier)

West Highland White Terrier (A white variant of the Scottish Terrier)

Yorkshire Terrier (A popular pet in America)

Norwich Terrier (Just like the Norfolk Terrier, but with pointy ears)

Skye Terrier (A beautiful dog with a flowing coat and Papillon ears)

English Bull Terrier (A strong, muscular, friendly, and striking dog)

American Pit Bull Terrier (A loyal breed unfortunately given a bad reputation)

American Bully (A stockier, shorter, and more muscular variety of the Pit Bull)

American Staffordshire Terrier (A close relative of the Pit Bull)

Manchester Terrier (A small tenacious dog that resembles a Rat Terrier)

Scottish Terrier (A dog made famous by Frankin D. Roosevelt's Scottie, Fala, pictured below)

Airedale Terrier (A stunning, sweet, and rambunctious terrier)

Kerry Blue Terrier (An active, agile, and beautiful dog)

Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier (A dog known for it's love of children and adorable face)

Rat Terrier (An alert, mischievous, and agile dog)

Jack Russell Terrier (An extremely active, energetic, and intelligent terrier)

American Hairless Terrier (A loving, active companion dog)

Glen of Imaal Terrier (A scruffy, cuddly, and lovable terrier)

Dandie Dinmont Terrier (A sweet little dog recognized for it's distinctive "afro")

Boston Terrier (Unlike it's terrier cousins, this is a dog that is very lazy)

Bedlington Terrier (Believe it or not, this dog is sometimes mistaken for a sheep)

Please comment and let us know what kind of terrier is your favorite!

It could be one featured in this post or one I haven't covered just yet.

If I had to choose, I'd go for either the American Pit Bull Terrier or the English Bull Terrier.

This was a fun post, wasn't it?

Until next time......

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