October 5, 2015

20 Days of Memories: Day 4

December 2014 was probably one of the best months here at Paw Province.

So much to post about in the holiday season!

Well, this was the fan favorite (and my favorite) around Christmas time.

Please enjoy!

Are you feeling the nostalgia yet?

This year let your holiday season be filled with corgis.

Dress up your corgis in a festive way.

You can watch a pack of corgis pull a sleigh.

Snap a photo of your corgi in front of your Christmas tree.

Buy your corgi a santa hat.

Perhaps you can indulge in your corgi's adorable corgi face.

Or let your corgi host a holiday party for his corgi friends.

Purchase a fun gift for your corgi this year.

Bling your corgi up with a ribbon.

Host a corgi costume party.

Find a special holiday spot for your corgi to relax.

Take a few festive photos of your corgi.

Stand out in the streets with a corgi sled!

Teach your corgis the way of the elf.

And make sure to give your best friend a very corgi Christmas!

It never gets old!

Until tomorrow.....

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