October 19, 2015

20 Days of Memories: Day 18

Hi, guys!

Welcome back to our 20 Days of Memories series!

We're counting down to our first anniversary with all of our best posts from the year.

Today's memory comes from May, and it features my neighbors' dogs, Sophie and Shadow.

They've made a few appearances on the blog, but you can't get enough of them!


Ah, what a cool Spring evening!

I'm feeling great!

I call it the 'Sophie Smile'!

What do you mean 'my nose isn't a lollipop'?

Who is that handsome Schnoodle outside? (Yes, a Schnoodle was actually walking by!)

Post a picture of me on your blog, Robin! I'll go viral because of my cuteness!

Everybody say, 'Nylabone'!

Until next time......

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