October 14, 2015

20 Days of Memories: Day 13

Hi, folks!

Welcome back to our 20 Days of Memories series!

Today's memory comes from nearly a year ago, in November.

It goes over eight reasons you must love Gch. Flessner's International S'cess, also known as "Nathan", one of the top Bloodhounds in conformation shows today.


1. He Isn't Camera-Shy
You can take pictures of Nathan without him running off or chasing his tail. He'll even let you take silly pictures of him (like this one) and he still stands there, eager to please you. He sure can be tolerant.

2. He's Funny
He isn't afraid to do what he wants to do, and he isn't afraid to make his fans laugh.

3. He Loves Everyone
I don't really have to say much. This picture says it all.

4. He's Determined
He's determined to please you and stay one step ahead of his canine brethren, one show at a time.

5. He Goes With The Flow
We're going out to pizza? Okay! Time for a walk? Sounds good!

6. He Charms
Even if you DESPISE dogs, Nathan can charm you with his cuteness and outgoing personality.

7. He Shows Off
"Look! I can run faster than the Rhodesian Ridgeback that went before me!"

8. He Returns The Love
If you kiss him, he'll kiss you, and it seems to be the most wonderful thing, no matter how bad Nathan's breath is.

Until tomorrow.....

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