October 12, 2015

20 Days of Memories: Day 11

Good morning, fellow animal-lovers!

If you haven't been on the blog for a couple weeks, you might not know that we're in the middle of a series we'll be having annually.

We're giving you the best posts of the year in a countdown to our 1st anniversary, October 21st!

We've already seen a lot of memories so far!

Today's memory is from late May, and it was part of our legendary Florida Vacay series,

I have to say, it was probably the best week and a half of the year for Paw Province.

Well, here is one of the posts from the Florida Vacay series!

It was about the day I found Clinton (shortened to "Clint") in Florida. Clint was a snail and I decided to keep him as a pet.

Just a couple weeks ago, he sadly passed away, but this post is still nice to see!

You have been waiting for some pictures of my snail Clint. A couple of days ago you got a close look at my other snail, Eastwood. It's about time this big slimer baby made an appearance on Paw Province! I have to admit this post is rather hasty, but hey, it is what it is. Also tomorrow I'll make the Highlights of the Week video for our vacation and you can see some more pictures of Albert. We're going to see him again tomorrow, and you guys are in for a BIG treat! You may of seen Albert in the first part of the Florida Vacay series, sporting that handsome Great Pyrenees face!

Clint is a big guy!

He doesn't look as fat when he comes out of his shell!

Until we meet again....

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