September 26, 2015

Someone's Got Tortitude

Yesterday, you may have been lucky enough to see our post about Marshmallow and Smores, two former cats at All About Cats.

The post centered around a photo of both kittens hanging out by sticking not only their little paws, but their ENTIRE legs, out of their cage.

Yes, it was pretty cute.

They were adopted pretty recently, but they're cuteness is still unbearable.

Well, here's a better look at Smores.

She's a cutie, and being a tortie, you know she has tortitude!

I mean, did you see yesterday's photo?

Definite tortitude.

Her companion Marshmallow isn't a tortoiseshell, but Smores taught her how to harness the tortitude.

Marshmallow quickly succeeded.

Smores, you've got tortitude.

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