September 15, 2015

My Experience At The Chattanooga Kennel Club Dog Show

On Saturday, I went to the Chattanooga Kennel Club Dog was the first dog show I have ever been to!

I've watched many dog shows (Westminster, National Dog Show, Crufts, Eukanuba, etc.) but I had never went to watch one before.

I saw so many breeds when I was there....seriously, a lot of breeds.

I photographed just a few of them, but it's better than nothing!

I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Swagger is a beautiful English Setter. He was one of two English Setters competing this weekend, and I wouldn't be surprised if he did better than the other one!

I'm not sure what his or her name is, but this Great Pyrenees caught my eye!

This buff Cocker Spaniel happily greeted me from his or her kennel! However, he or she couldn't sit still for a photo!

This adorable pair of droopy-eyed Boxers didn't want me to get a clear picture, either.

A Basset Hound enters the ring!

Up close, you can get a taste of his or her undeniable cuteness.

Rare and majestic, the Tibetan Mastiffs are rocking the ring!

The most common breed at the show was the Australian Terrier.

This is probably one of the cutest dogs I met at the show....look at his pitiful Mastiff eyes!

A Cocker Spaniel tried to hide from the camera!

The Basset Hound I showed you a minute ago was determined for me to get a blurry photo...he served his job well.

Finally, a dog that can pose a little better! Here's Bodie, an English Springer Spaniel!

It's a battle of the Borzois!

This Brittany wanted all the attention!

What an adorable Boxer!

I can say the same with this Boxer, too!

The black and rust Doberman Pinscher was fast asleep, but the brown and rust one was happy to raise his head for a nice picture. I love brown and rust Dobermans!

An Australian Terrier resting after doing well in the ring.

This gorgeous white Borzoi obediently performs in the ring.

A handsome Border Collie patiently waits to perform...did you notice the pretty Australian Shepherd behind the Border Collie?

This Black and Tan Coonhound has a perfect gait.

Isn't this harlequin Great Dane huge?

A beautiful Bichon Frise was happy to be groomed!

Look at all that fluff!

A pair of Basenjis prepare for the ring!

This regal American Hairless Terrier's name is Bragg.

This is me with Molly, a miniature Wirehaired Dachshund!

Well, I had a great time in Chattanooga!

I hope you all got a taste of how awesome it was from this very special post!

Until next time......

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