August 20, 2015

Katie Loves Her Walks

Boy, does Katie love her walks!

Though her walks aren't usually very long, she loves to get out of the house.

A remainder of the time she's sniffing around (and checking her pee-mail).

She also likes to meet people and dogs, for she is a very gentle dog.

She even enjoys saying hi to Smokey, but usually he just tries to claw the poor dog.

Whatever fun adventures are in Katie's path, she's always happy to take them.

Don't let her age fool you.

Katie doesn't let her age bring her down.

She even knows when it's time for her walk, so she hovers over me.

At the sound of a clinking leash, she comes running from wherever she is.

Yep, that's right, Katie loves to walk!

However, sometimes we get carried away and take selfies with each other....

....then it just gets weird.

Until tomorrow.....

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