August 30, 2015

700th Post! Interview With Emma The GBGV of "My GBGV Life"

Hi, everyone! As you may of seen, this is our 700th post (wow) and I decided to make this post extra special, as I do with every hundredth post.

Today I interviewed the folks behind the fun interactive dog blog, "My GBGV Life". GBGV stands for Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen, a breed of french scent hound.

Questions for Emma's owner:

What inspired you to adopt a Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen, aka the GBGV? I was living in Germany and wanted a second dog again and saw one of these on the street. I couldn’t remember the breed, so I asked my vet friend who found out the breed from my description.

What do you like most about the breed? They are cute, and super snuggly, and they are real independent. I like dogs that are a challenge.

Have you always been a dog lover? No. Actually, I was always a big cat person and always had cats until I was in my mid 20’s when I started wanting a dog. Now I’m a total dog lady who has a couple cats, too.

How many dogs have you had during your life? Of my own, four, then there was the family dog when I was growing up.

Do you consider adopting one or two more GBGV's when Emma and Bailie are gone? Hopefully they will both be around for many more years, but honestly, I’m thankful I live in a town with a three dog limit or I may have already adopted a third one.

Has your blog changed the way you see your dogs? No, I have just learned a lot more about taking better care of them with better products and I learned about nose work through blogging which has been so wonderful.

Why do you think others should adopt GBGV's and what makes them unique from other breeds? A GBGV is not the dog for everyone since they are pretty independent thinkers and hounds. Training is not always the easiest and off leash is pretty rare since they have such a hunting instinct.

What made you choose Emma as the main dog on the blog over Bailie or Katie? I wanted a blog to try to promote the GBGV breed, so Emma was the one. Katie has never liked the camera, so she would not make a good model for a blog. I started the blog a couple years before Bailie was even born, so Emma was it.

Which of your blog posts is your personal favorite? I have so many favorites, it is really hard to narrow down, but one of the most loved by readers and one I like as well is this one. Click here to read it!

Questions for Emma:

Emma, what did you think of the obedience school you went to? I loved obedience school and was top dog in my two classes. I took it in Germany which was way more fun than classes here. Our first class was out on a dike, the second level was in a farmyard. We had lots of playtime and it wasn’t as serious as here.

What are your favorite things to do in your spare time?
I enjoy hanging out with my mom, I’m a true mom’s girl, but I also like napping, and keeping up on the perimeter yard patrol.

What's your favorite food or brand of dog treats? Way too many treats to choose from that are good and healthy. I like all natural treats, freeze dried are always good, and we love Merrick BackCountry Raw Infused Kibble. The meat variety which has wabbit in it is my favorite.

Does Katie the Kuvasz fit in with you and fellow GBGV Bailie? Katie and I have a special bond having been together for so long, moved over the Atlantic together, and we are only 4 years apart. Bailie and Katie get along fine, but Bailie is so much younger, so they don’t have much in common.

Do you have any bond with Bert the cat? Yes, I like to chase him and pound on him. He is a true pest! Bailie and Bert hang out a lot together, I usually just argue with him as he steals my dog bed all the time.

Are you ever embarrassed by the things your owner makes you do? I feel sorry for her because she is so clueless. Especially in nose work, she can’t smell the hides at all, so I have to always point them out to her and she is so very grateful.

What's your favorite thing about your blog? I love all the new things I get to experience and try out, and I get to have my photo taken a lot.

Who are some famous pets you met at BlogPaws this year? I didn’t really meet any famous pets, unless you count the pigs. I feel that all of us dogs with blogs are famous in our own way.

What do you enjoy about blogging? I love how it causes a lot deliveries to appear at my house for me! We find out about all kinds of new products we can use to make our lives all better and we get to share what we find with the fans. Holding giveaways is really fun because I get to send the winners email saying they won and I hope it makes their day! Our goal is to bring a smile or laughter to our readers and at the same time spread the word on how to keep dogs happy, fit, and healthy.

So, there you have it! Now you know more about Emma the GBGV and her wonderful family and life! Click here to swing by her creative and often humorous blog.

Our last hundred posts were wonderful! Our 600th post was part of our Florida Vacay series, which ran back in late May.

I hope you all had a wonderful month! September is just up ahead, and it's sure to be full of fun! Also, I know Springer Day is dreadfully belated, but it's coming this week for sure!

Here are a few cool pictures from Emma's blog. Please enjoy them!

Here's Emma, the top dog on the blog!

Here's Emma patrolling the yard!

Here's the whole family! From left to right: Emma is the first dog, Katie is the second dog, and Bailie is the third dog. The cat in front of Emma is her cat bro Bert, and the cat by Katie and Bailie is sweet little Sophie.

This is another milestone for Paw Province, folks! We've been running since October, and we're still bursting with fun new material!

Come back tomorrow for more fun!

Until next time....


  1. Thanks for the post, and congratulations on 700 posts!

    1. Thanks! I liked the easter post, too! Also, great post today! Emma and Bailie are adorable at Petsmart!


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