July 15, 2015

You Better Get Comfortable! It's A Petsmart Palooza!

This weekend, I went to Petsmart.

I love hanging out with the kitties there.

I enjoy petting the dogs that people bring in.

I sometimes hold the rodents and the reptiles.

Whatever I do there, it's always fun.

You never know what you'll find at Petsmart!

I held a Ball Python. He has a beautiful pattern on his body.

This curious Budgerigar greeted passerby with a friendly chirp.

A Gerbil slept peacefully in her igloo.

Two mice huddled up together for a nap.

I can tell that these Bearded Dragons are best buddies!

It's a Cockatiel, like Muppet!

I was delighted to get my hands on this sweet little rat, who was happiest up on my shoulder.

Indeed was she a curious little rat....

A VERY curious rat....

To the point where she did this adorable pose.

The little rat was in the same habitat as her two sisters. You can see one of them photobombing her on the left side of the igloo....I actually didn't notice that until now! The final rat sister is sleeping on top of the igloo in the first two pictures. This is the rat sister that loves to photobomb.

Somebody brought in their Dachshund/Schnauzer puppies. This one's name is Sam. Isn't he darling?

This sweet face belongs to Gretel.

She looks like a little detective, mustache and all!

Millicent is a goofy youngster with the cutest head-tilt around.

After some fun with the feather wand, Cali Mom decides to tidy up.

Once you get past his aggression and his deadly stare, Angel is an angel.

Midnite is a sweet kitty with a serious expression.

Luna is Midnite's sister. She can be very serious, too.

Mammi loves attention!

Panda and Sherbert are an energetic pair of adorable kittens. Panda sure looks like Phineas!

This guinea pig is a cute little fella.

The final Petsmart cutie is Sebastian the English Bulldog!

Now do you believe that Petsmart is full of surprises? Yep, that's what I thought!

Until next time....

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