July 11, 2015

Two New Critter Friends

I had a great week.

As you know, we went to Petsmart empty-handed on Sunday and came home with a cat carrier.

Inside of that cat carrier was a wriggling bundle of fur.

The cat's name was Coop.

But now his name is Mozzie.

He's one of the best cat's I've ever met.

He's a first-class guy!

He's playful and snugly, and loves everyone.

That is, except for Frodo....

He's taught him a lesson or two in the past week.

Here's a cute photo of Coop....I mean Mozzie. I'm still not used to his new name!

On Thursday, I saved a box turtle who was nearly run over by an SUV.

It was a delightful experience to see a turtle.

It wasn't cool to see it almost turn into roadkill, but it was fun interacting with the little guy.

I snapped some photos of the turtle, knowing that he would be a great addition to the blog!

What a darling little critter!

Also, today we visit Joy, Grace, and Tigger, three wonderful little kitties in some previous posts.

I'll post about them later today.

Also, you can expect some more pictures of them after the weekend.

I'll be taking care of them for the week.

Okay, folks, see you later!

Until we meet again....

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