July 29, 2015

Clint's Story

I refer to my beloved pet snails as my slimer babies.

They are all wonderful little fellas, but I'm especially in love with Clint.

Not only because he is the biggest snail, but I admire that he is very active and social in all situations.

I rescued him from an unknowingly abusive owner (my brother) because he kept Clint in a tiny jar with five other snails, and barely ever cared for them.

Within a couple of days, four of the snails were dead, but we thought all of them were dead at the time.

We were in Florida at the time, and I volunteered to put all of the shells outside.

I sniffed the four smaller snails, and they smelled of decomposed meat, like a dead snail should. It's one of the worst smells in the world!

I put the four dead ones in the grass, and I sniffed the biggest snail, the last snail in the jar. However, he only smelled of soil, like a normal live snail.

At first I thought he may of not started letting of a foul odor yet, but I knew he was alive (obviously) when a sleek, gray, curious little body slipped out of the shell and two curious eyes looked up at me.

The little creature raised his head in the air to take in his surroundings with his eyesight and strong sense of smell.

I was immediately in love with the little guy, and I took him inside to meet the snail I found earlier that day, Eastwood.

I still have little Clint today, and I especially admire him because he was so brave when he was in that situation where he was in that little jar with four other Zachrysia Provinsaria snails, commonly known as Cuban Brown Snails.

No matter how hard the other snails pushed on, they couldn't survive. But Clint was strong, and he got through it all.

Until next time....

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