June 1, 2015

Florida Vacay Part Nine: A Gift For Frodo And Vacation Recap

It's great to be back home with the rest of the family. We had such a wonderful trip to Florida and back, and the adventures in between were absolutely exciting. We were glad to have a much desired vacation, but we missed Frodo, Katie, Cosmo, Phineas, and Muppet every step of the way. I'm glad I can spend time with them after a long week of missing them.

We stopped at Cracker Barrel for lunch before heading back to Georgia. As you know, they have a nice big gift shop there, and my first intention was find something for Frodo. His birthday was the day before we left for Florida as you might know, and I didn't get him anything, so I knew that he would be thrilled to have something little for his celebration.

Before Frodo's birthday, I was determined to find a very special gift for a very special dog. After some thinking, I decided it would be nice to get Frodo a bow tie. He would look especially cute in one, and he surely wouldn't mind wearing one.

So, I searched Petsmart for a bow tie, but they didn't have a single one there! They have a whole aisle of cute dog and cat clothing, and I knew that Frodo would not, I repeat, WOULD NOT, like to wear clothing. He goes nuts when my little sister tries to put shirts on him, and he won't even tolerate a simple hat. But all dogs are different, and that is something that we can not deny.

At Cracker Barrel, I was surprised and excited to find a stand of all things for our lovable furry friends. I gasped when I saw a jar full of pet bow ties. Just what I have been searching for! A light blue plaid one was on top of the heap of bow ties, and after checking out all the other ties, the blue one was still the best. I couldn't wait to get home and dress Frodo up!

I turned the bow tie over to see the price tag. What? The bow tie was six dollars? That was a lot of money for that little thing. I didn't know if I should get Frodo a bandanna, which was half of the price of the bow tie, or just go with the original choice. That's when I saw the 70% sign. Bonus! It would only be about one and a half dollars for the bow tie. I decided it was worth a shot.

Long story short, (I think it's actually a little too late for that) I came home and put the bow tie on Frodo's collar. A wave of a newfound cuteness washed over Frodo, and the Lord of the Cute was more handsome than ever before! One simply does not walk into such cuteness (for the LOTR fans out there) but my sweet dog accomplished such a feat!

It's about time you saw Frodo sporting his new bow tie. I can tell that he is quite fond of his stylish new digs, and that he knows how cute and handsome he is. He was always a beautiful, handsome dog, but his new accessory takes my mutt's appearance to a whole new level! Don't believe me? You will after seeing Frodo's sweet face and his chipper new bow tie!

The classic baroo, even more adorable when accompanied by a bow tie.

Another cute shot!

A better image of the bow tie, with Frodo's epic side eye action to top it off.

I hope you all enjoyed the nine part Florida Vacay series. It was a lot of fun to make, and now we can continue are casual posts. We had so much fun giving you a taste of my epic vacation experience. To recap, we spent a night at our friends' house in Orlando before arriving at our aunt and uncle's house in Naples. Those friends have a sweet Great Pyrenees mix named Albert.

Click here to see Albert.

The next day, I gave you a thorough tour of my aunt and uncle's lovely home. The tour was very complete, and I covered a lot of details, from the pretty vases in the dining room to the lanai and swimming pool off their house.

Click here to relive the house tour.

The day after that, you got to see some interesting clear photos of a sweet little snail I found in the garden. I named him Indiana, and he was a quirky little thing.

Click here to meet Indiana.

Then after that, you met Eastwood, an itty bitty snail I actually have here in Georgia. I brought him home with me, and did well on the road.

Click here to see Eastwood.

The next day, we went to a nature center in Rookery Bay. Lots of interesting sea life could be seen and even touched, and we had a lot of fun. We even took a trail through the woods!

Click here to enjoy the post on Rookery Bay.

After that day, I gave you some updates on how things were going and showed you some more snail pictures, this time of a big fella named Clint, who also came home to Georgia with me. As you may assume because of his name, he enjoys the company of Eastwood.

Click here to meet Clint and read up on previous updates.

The next day, we were back on the road, and the snails slept soundly the whole way there. We also went back to Orlando to visit our friends, and I got some more shots of Albert.

Click here if you're an Albert enthusiast.

The day after that, we came home, and I told you about the three different types of cat guardians and I showed you some pictures from a couple of animal magazines.

Click here to check out the post.

Thanks for enjoying this wonderful vacation series, my fellow animal enthusiasts! We had so much fun putting all the pictures and memories together for you and many other to enjoy. We love when you smile and laugh with us, for the point of this blog is to brighten your day with the love, loyalty, and the incredible nature of the creatures around us every passing day. We also exist to encourage you to spread awareness about animal cruelty and help us take a stand against us and most importantly, help us make a difference for those innocent creatures that need us most.

I hope you enjoyed the Florida Vacay nine part series just as much as I did! We all needed a break from all the normal things in life to get a taste of the extraordinary. You can also sign our guestbook and become a member of Paw Province to support us. You can also fill out our contact form to say hello and perhaps tell us what you think of my vacation. We love to hear from our readers!

Yours truly,

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