May 17, 2015

Meet The Pack: I Volunteered At The Releashed Rescue

Summer is almost upon us, and we have so much spare time and we don't know how to use it. The solution? Volunteering at a local animal rescue! In fact, I volunteered at the Releashed Rescue, a dog rescue (mostly Siberian Huskies) in Cumming, Georgia. There are many dogs at the rescue, and only a portion of them were at my local Petsmart this afternoon, but I still had a great time helping out!

Let's meet the pack!

Just look at those gorgeous eyes! Cassidy is a very laid-back Siberian Husky and is fond of the camera. She thinks she is beautiful, and she is absolutely right!

This black Lab mix is spunky and social, and her sparkly brown eyes are irresistible!

You're probably wondering who this handsome face it belongs to. The answer is Beckham, a gentle Siberian Husky with a plush coat and dazzling eyes.

Though she seems to be rather sensitive, Zoe is a happy-go-lucky, intelligent Siberian Husky girl. She is wonderful, inside and out!

De Niro
What can I say? De Niro, sometimes called "Robert" by his admirers, is a typical sweet, mellow guy. He is a Siberian Husky mixed with Catahoula Leopard Dog. He sort of reminds me of a blue merle corgi!

He's cute. He's sweet. He's bursting with personality. What more could you wish for in a dog? Sarge is a Siberian Husky mixed with German Shepherd. He has glaucoma, so his eyesight is poor, but the beauty in his eyes isn't poor at all! He is gorgeous all over and he is my personal favorite pooch at the Releashed Rescue! Sarge really seemed to steal the show today, and I hope that he finds a loving home soon!

If you live near Cumming, Georgia, and you want to adopt a dog, you can check out one of the wonderful dogs at the Releashed Rescue! From snuggly Sarge to mellow Beckham, they might have the perfect pooch for you and your family! If you can not adopt, please share this post with your friends and family! Maybe they will fall in love with a Releashed Rescue dog!

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