May 22, 2015

Frodo Is 2!

That's right, everyone! Today, May 22nd, is Frodo's 2nd birthday! We have been anxiously waiting for this special day so we can truly appreciate our beloved furry red mutt. Frodo is a very happy dog. I take him for long walks and we snuggle and play, but his life wasn't always so cheerful and adventurous. Nobody knows Frodo's story, but we know that he was taken to a shelter and was rescued by the Angels Among Us Pet Rescue. And boy, Frodo is an angel! He's sweet, energetic, and loyal.

I was lying in bed last night with Frodo at my feet. It was exactly 11:23 and I rolled over to see Frodo peacefully dozing off to sleep. He wasn't usually this calm, and that's when I realized a huge milestone in the life of my little dog. At the age of two, a dog is no longer a puppy. That's when I thought to myself: Frodo won't be a puppy anymore. He won't be that red mongrel pup from tomorrow on.

"Hey, buddy," I sat up to stroke Frodo's head. The little dog opened his eyes. "This is the first birthday we can spend with you, and I'll make sure it's the best day of your life. The day you were born you were alone, your first birthday we were out of town, and tomorrow is your second birthday, and I don't want to miss a second of it."

Frodo's blinked slowly, almost as if he understood what I was saying to him. "I'll make you delicious cupcakes (or pupcakes) and I'll take you down to the cul de sac and we can run together. We'll sing to you and give you doggy biscuits and stroke your fur. It'll be so much fun. After all, your birthday only comes once a year!"

Frodo was slowly beginning to doze off again, and I snuggled up beside him. The time seemed to go by quickly, and before we knew it, I picked up my phone and it was 11:59. I gently stroked Frodo's back and he opened his eyes.

"Nobody seemed to enjoy you as a puppy, and now you can show them that you're all grown up," It was now 12:00. Moving from a puppy to an adult is a big milestone for any pooch, but it's a huge one for Frodo. He found it hard to leave his puppy habits behind, and now he could show everyone that he's truly the dog we have been dreaming of.

From staying up so late, I found myself sleeping in. Frodo wasn't lying in bed with me, so I assumed one of my brothers had taken him out for a walk before he went off to school. My door was open, and everyone else in my family was awake and doing things upstairs. Tomorrow we're leaving for Naples, Florida (we can't take Frodo with us, but we desperately wish we could) and everyone was packing and cleaning for when the house-sitter arrives tomorrow.

My sister came into my room to get her day's clothing, and Frodo came in behind her. I called him to me to embrace him and greet him on this special day. Though most of the day we have been packing and cleaning, I have found time to rub Frodo's belly, make him some delicious mayonnaise and honey pupcakes, and take him for several delightful walks. At the end of the day, we all happily sang to Frodo and I blew out the candle on top of his pupcake for him. He devoured it with pleasure, and Katie was also very pleased to chow down on such a delicious treat.

Frodo decided to take a little break on our walk.

Look at that big smile!

Pretty slick, huh?

He looks like a hyena!

Frodo watched intently as I prepared his special dessert.

This is the pupcake I gave to Frodo. I made sure to choose one that was the perfect size for Frodo, for he is getting a little porky.

We had to keep him on the chair for the picture, but he was eager to get down!

Perhaps Katie enjoyed her pupcake more than the birthday boy did!

Frodo, you have made our lives so much happier and we can't imagine life without you. You have many years and belly rubs ahead. We are so blessed to have you in our family.

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