May 30, 2015

Florida Vacay Part Seven: On The Road With Snails And Albert Returns

Today we left our aunt and uncle's house in Naples, Florida. We had a great time, and the series isn't over yet! We're spending the night at a friends' house, and we also were visiting them last week. They have a wonderful Great Pyrenees mix named Albert, and he is such a sweet, big, lumbering pooch. He has bright and intelligent brown eyes and a plush head. His body is smooth and shaved for the Summer, and he has a magnificent, sweeping tail. Oh, it doesn't get any better than this!

My lovely cuban brown snails, Clint and Eastwood, enjoyed the three hours in the car. I had some doubts, but they were fine! They both slept the whole time, and were very curious to see Albert. Of course they didn't actually meet him, but they probably have never seen a dog before. Eastwood was especially curious, head held high in the air to get a better look at this strange new creature. Clint is more of a relaxed kind of guy, so he just tucked into his shell to get some rest.

Clint and Eastwood were lying beside each other on the lid of the tank, little eyes peeking out from out of their tiny brown snails. Okay, so here is a sweet little picture of my big slimer baby Clint blissfully snoozing up on the lid of the tank. The temperature was just fine, he had food and water, his best buddy Eastwood wasn't too far away, so what more could he ask for? He was in snail heaven!

My snoozing slimer baby, Clinton.

And because you've been waiting oh, so patiently, here's old Albert! Look at that sweet face! It is something not a soul can deny!

Take a good long look, my friend. You don't see this kind of cuteness every day!

Well, my fellow Albert enthusiasts and snail advocates, it's time to hit the hay. Tomorrow you'll see some more updates and I'll come home to five happy animals!

Until next time....

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