May 27, 2015

Florida Vacay Part Four: Eastwood Like To Meet You

It's been an amazing day here in Florida! Our vacation has been great so far, and I've been trying to make the most of every second. It isn't very hard to do so, especially with a swimming pool off the house and a bunch of snails (either garden or cuban brown snails) to interact with in front of the house.

I've also met a pair of sweet shaved Havanese dogs, Reese and Snickers. Oh, and I met a Brussels Griffon named Daisy with her sidekick, Petunia the Puggle. There are many wonderful dogs here in Naples!

It's about time you met one of my new slimy friends...he'll be coming home to Georgia with me! Eastwood is a little shy, but eventually comes out of his shell, for he can be very curious. Eastwood's big buddy, Clint, will also be coming home with me, and you'll see him tomorrow.

Give a warm welcome to little Eastwood!

Snails are nocturnal, and Eastwood is no exception! He took a break halfway through the photo shoot, but the camera kept on clicking! Well, he wasn't asleep yet, but his body was slowly moving into his shell so he could take a quick nap.

Now you have a taste of Eastwood's curiosity.

I hope you like Eastwood! He is a sweet, social little guy, and you definitely would agree if you were lucky enough to meet him. I also hope that you're excited to check out Clint tomorrow. We will not let you down. He's a big, chubby fella, and that's all we're going to say for now. We don't want to spoil the surprise!

Until next time....

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