May 28, 2015

Florida Vacay Part Five: Rookery Bay

I know that I said today I would be showing you guys Clint the snail, but that'll be in a couple of days for the good of this series, trust me. Today we went to a nature center in Rookery Bay, mostly focusing on sea-life. We had so much fun learning about all the animals, from the snook to the spider crab. We saw plenty of cool creatures today, and it's about time you saw some of them!

Picture time!

No more seahorsing around, let's go inside and see the animals!

These old things do fish no glory!

Finally! This is the droid I've been looking for.

This adorable little pufferfish assured the happiness of visitors.

Oh, hello, spider crab!



We had an excellent view from the second story of the building. We even went on a hiking trail through the woods and saw many interesting plants and creatures.

After that, we watched a mini-movie about the history and environment of Rookery Bay. I came up to be greeted by my two snails, Clint and Eastwood, also known as "slimer babies". Okay, guys, come back for more Florida fun tomorrow! You can experience the cool Naples beach with me!


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