May 31, 2015

Florida Vacay Part Eight: Animal Cruelty, Spreading Awareness, And Your Guide To Cat People

That's right, my fellow animal-loving companions! Today we arrived home from Florida! I haven't seen Frodo, Katie, Cosmo, Phineas, and Muppet in eight days! That's way too long in my opinion, and boy, the pets went crazy! (In other words, the dogs went crazy, the cats and the bird didn't seem to care.)

Well, I opened the mailbox to find my two magazine subscriptions, Catster (formerly Cat Fancy) and ASPCA, there. I was excited to see my favorite magazines there. Catster always has interesting stories from fellow cat parents, cat owners, and crazy cat people. Yes, they all have their differences.

I know I'm sidetracking with this little lecture....

Cat parents treat their kitties as if they are their own human children. They cradle them and refer to themselves as "mommy" and "daddy". Usually people who refer to themselves as cat parents don't have any human children, but hey, you never know!

Cat owners treat their cats like cats, because hey, that's what they really are! They'll stroke their feline(s) soft coat and refer to their cat as maybe a pet or even a family member, but not their own child. Maybe a cat owner's excuse for not being a cat parent is, "my cat isn't my child, he/she is just my furbaby". Well, I don't know. If you have ever said that about your feline (if you have one) I think you fall under the category of being a cat parent....there's nothing wrong with that! Well, as long as you don't nurture it too much and make sure your cat doesn't become a spoiled brat and that you still keep in perspective that, even if you are a cat parent, your cat is a cat, not a human child.

Crazy cat people....oh, where do I start? These people are nuts about cats. Cat hats, cat shirts, cat bumper stickers, and probably lots of cats. And I mean LOTS. Somebody on the news had one thousand cats! No, you're not losing your sight, the lady had a thousand cats! Just imagine the food! And the litter! And the odors! I'm the hairballs! And the shedding! And the cuteness! Squee! Just take my advice: never, ever, own that many cats. I don't care if you aren't actually abusing your feline, but it just isn't right to own that many cats. I think it's crazy to own even ten cats. Just be careful, alright?

Oh, and just a little advice for the cat people out don't have to own a bunch of cats to be a crazy cat lady, regardless of what others may tell you. Some crazy cat ladies (like this one) have a low number of cats, and are sane, but are still extremely fond and fascinated by cats. If you could see my bookshelf right now (it's full of cat books) you would believe me! And of course there are dog books and bird books. Oh, and other animal books. I also have some devotionals, journals, and stuff like that.


Back to the magazines, I found some important pictures I would like you all to see. The ones from the ASPCA magazine brought tears to my's just awful what some foolish people do to animals. Let's not just sit here and weep for all the abused and neglected animals out there, but let's take a stand and be a voice for the voiceless (ASPCA lingo) and make a difference in this dark world.

I haven't even read the article yet, I was too busy looking at this mess of cat hair.

These little Pomeranian pups were saved from a puppy mill. Such a sweet face....

This poor pig was kept in terrible, terrible conditions.

My friends, that is only the beginning of animal cruelty. I don't want to scare you or sound negative, but sometimes we need a taste of such stories so we can find new ways to spread awareness and help end animal cruelty. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Back to the vacation, we had a lot of fun, and more updates will be covered tomorrow, when I write the last post of the Florida Vacay series. You can see all of my beloved fur babies and feather babies then, and you will be excited to see what I bought for Frodo at Cracker Barrel the suspense killing you? I hope not! I want you to come back tomorrow to see Frodo's new digs!

Until we meet again....

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