May 24, 2015

Florida Vacay Part One: Albert You Weren't Expecting This

We're on vacation in Florida to visit our aunt and uncle, and we stopped overnight at a friends' house on the way. Their furry family member is Albert the Great Pyrenees mix. Albert (instead of I bet) you weren't expecting such a big, cute dog to appear on my blog. Pictures do him no justice, for you'll truly learn to love him once you meet this big fluffy guy. I added some captions above the photos to capture Albert's unique personality. Enjoy, everyone!

Ooh, paparazzi!

I didn't knock over the chair....Robert did it! (If you're reading this, Bennett, you know what I mean!)

Are ya' diggin' the mohawk?

Nothing beats lounging on a warm Summer's day!

I'm not too big for this lounge chair!

Selfie (and photobomb) time!

I'm tired of posing. I don't care if I ate ten minutes ago, I want to eat again!

Thanks for coming by Paw Province, my friends! I know that today we were supposed to have our monthly English Springer Spaniel celebration, but I'm going to have to postpone it for tomorrow. Don't worry though, it's certainly worth the wait! Also, the breed of the week is the German Shepherd. Tomorrow the Shepherd party will begin, animal-lovers! It's about time I go lounge out in the beautiful Florida sun. Come back tomorrow to "spring" into fun! Springers and Shepherds are in store for you!

Until we meet again....

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