April 21, 2015

500th Post: Interview With Glogirly

Today I had the pleasure to interview cat-lover and humorous blogger Debbie Glovatsky, or better known as "Glogirly" hence the name of her blog. This is actually my 500th post and today Paw Province was created exactly 6 months ago! Anway, back to Glogirly! She has two cats, Katie and Waffles, and the interview will tell you some more things about her.

Have you always been a cat person? If not, what changed your mind about cats?
I love all animals, but (I) really came to adore cats in college when I moved into my first apartment. I didn't have a roommate and decided a furry one might be perfect.

Do you think of yourself as more of a cat parent or a cat owner?
I'm a cat parent.

What do you think about dogs?
I love dogs! I find they are much harder to voice and write funny dialogue for. To me, they're just not as funny as cats.

Have you owned a dog?
(I've had) many!

How long have you been blogging for?
8 years.

What inspired you to start blogging?
Due to a downsizing and massive layoff, I lost my job. I figured I could learn about social media, hone my writing skills and become a better designer and photographer through blogging.

What is your favorite post on your blog?
That's like asking me what my favorite color is! I can't possibly choose. My readers really loved our recent Vacation series. Katie and Waffles joined us on our family vacation in northern Minnesota. I documented the trip with photos and daily blog posts.

What is your favorite Saturday spoof on your blog?
It's really hard to choose...I love doing the Saturday spoofs! My reader favorite was a spoof on The Sound of Music, called The Hills Are Alive With the Sound of Waffles.

Photo courtesy of GLOGIRLY.com ©2015

What is your personal favorite?
My personal favorite was the I Love Lucy spoof, called I Love Waffles.

Photo courtesy of GLOGIRLY.com ©2015

Has your blog changed the way you think about your cats?
It's personified them to me and has made me love them even more.

Why do you personally love cats?
They make my home and family complete. They have personalities as unique as any person. They love me no matter what.

Do you ever consider bringing another pet into your home?
Sometimes, but right now we're happy as a family of four.

How many people are following your blog?
I'm not sure...people follow through a variety of avenues. Facebook, via email, Twitter, Networked Blogs, Feedly, Bloglovin'...some just have me bookmarked on their computer so they can catch up on Katie and Waffles while they drink their morning coffee.

How has your blog made an impact on your life?
It enabled me to make friends all over the world and has become the way in which I make my living.

Photo courtesy of GLOGIRLY.com ©2015

Photo courtesy of GLOGIRLY.com ©2015

Photo courtesy of GLOGIRLY.com ©2015

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