November 15, 2017


I can't pose right now, momma...I see a squirrel in dire need of a staredown!


OMD...the peeps are leaving to go to New York for the week to spend Thanksgiving with their family. OMD...why can't I get a fill of the roasted turkey and mashed potatoes? My mom is helping me get lots of posts ready of me she'll post in New York. She was going to post pictures she takes there while she is there, but my mom wants to spend as much time as possible with her extended family (and she's also doing National Novel Writing Month, so she has to squeeze that in too) so she won't be posting NY pictures until after the trip.

I can never forgive my peeps for leaving me high and dry, but my mom said she might bring me home something if she finds something she'd think I like. At least there's one good thing about it...I'm a little worried because my mom's grandpawrents have a dog and I'm scared my mom will love him so much she'll forget me! She said that she'll never forget me, and even though she loves Ralphie, I'm her favorite. BOL

Au revoir, mom!

November 8, 2017

November 4, 2017

Blogging 4 Peace

We're blogging for peace today.

One great thing about Blogville is that it's a place of peace.

Sometimes in our personal lives there isn't peace.

The theme for this year's Blog 4 Peace is finding peace in overwhelming times.

I find this year's theme approriate for Blogville this year. I hope all of our posts combined will bring peace to Blogville's own Casey's mom. Casey had a bad diagnosis and this is a very hard time for his family.

I hope you blog for peace today too!

November 1, 2017

GUEST POST: Running With Dogs

***We had someone reach out to us asking if they could write an informative guest post for our blog. We will only be accepting guest posts on a rare basis, but we are very excited to share this post written by blogger Pete Decker on enjoying a run with your furry friend. Enjoy!***

6 Quick Tips On How To Enjoy A Run With Your Dog

You need to walk your dog at least once or twice a day – this is common knowledge and nothing new about it. While we discuss the various physical activities that can help you and your dog exercise and bond together, let us also look at some quick tips to enjoy a good run with your dog.
A run with your dog can break the monotony of a regular walk and add some fun to the routine. With fresh air hitting the face it always helps to know that with running you may not just refresh yourself, but also provide mental stimulus to your dog and help his/her natural instincts to become alert and sharp.
Different canine breeds have different strengths and endurance capabilities. So, consult your pet’s veterinarian to discuss the best physical activities for your canine friend. While you strive to be a great companion with your dog, please do keep their safety and limitations in mind and work around them to enjoy a good run.

Here Are Our Quick Tips: 

·       Warming up before running is important: Even the strongest dog must not be made to run faster and longer at the beginning of the session. It is very important to do some warm-up exercises to flex the muscles of you and your dog before you set out on a long run. It is beneficial to start with a light jog and improve on the distance and time of running in a step-by-step fashion. This helps the muscles to stretch well and get accustomed to the physical activity. This way the body cooperates and does not get fatigued out easily There is also lesser scope for injuries.

·       Keep your canine hydrated: As in humans, their dog companions need to be kept hydrated throughout the run. Apart from your regular running gear ensure that you pack a bottle of water for you and your pet when setting out for a run. Do take those crucial breaks in-between and sip water and give some water to your dog as well to quench its thirst. This ensures a good circulation and reduces the level of fatigue.

·       Give attention and priority to the weather when you both enjoy being outdoors: It is very important for you to know when your dog feels most comfortable and adapts to which weather comfortably. You may love to run, and exercise on an ultra-bright sunny day, but if your dog’s skin is covered with fur, it may feel very hot and humid and may not enjoy the run as much. This may cause discomfort to your dog, irritating him and cause mood swings and worse, physical injuries. It may also be that you do not like the wintery mornings/ evening and your dog could love the same. It is therefore very crucial to select a time and schedule to run when the both of you enjoy being outdoors.

·       Set a routine and consistency in the running pattern for your pet dog: Most canine breeds love discipline and yet are not averse to having some fun. But while running, ensure that you maintain a consistency such as always keeping your dog on one side of yours to prevent tripping and small injuries when in motion. It is essential to develop a good warm-up habit and training schedule before you begin running with your dog to ensure maximum cooperation and productivity. When you train and instruct your dog to stick to one side of you, there’s a better chance of looking after him/her when running.

·       Running midst nature may be more beneficial to you and your dog: Most canines enjoy the sights, and scents of natural dirt trails than running on any asphalt or synthetic tracks. If you are closer to such a place, then there are no issues; but if you’re in a city do take regular time off with your canine in tow and hit the dirt trails occasionally and see the wonder this can do to joints and paws of your dogs and its positive effects on your lungs as well as that of your dog.

·       Keep your dog off-leash: When you develop a routine of keeping your dog to only one side of you while running a familiar path, it may be more enjoyable for your dog to be off-leash for some time. This bit of freedom can go a long way in increasing the confidence and happiness of your dog. Otherwise, you can consider getting a hands-free dog leash instead. 

And when you and your dog are off to some known dirt trail, check whether it is safe/ permissible to keep your dog off-leash. It is crucial that your dog learns to obey your commands fully. A well-trained, obedient and disciplined dog is the one that’s ready for a run off-leash.

Run to stay active and healthy together. Bond with your dog while running and let your pooch become your best workout buddy for life! 

Author Bio
This post was contributed by Pete Decker, the Lead Editor at The Goody Pet. Pete loves to share his passion for pets through snippets of interesting and helpful information. You can find more of Pete at his website, Twitter or Facebook