March 25, 2016

Ask Me Anything!


Today I'm here to say three words...

Ask me anything!

Readers, today is the day to comment on this post and ask me or my pets anything!

You can also use the contact tab below the header to ask your question if you'd prefer to do that.

Tomorrow I'll post the answers to your questions, so please get your question in right away!

You heard what I said...

Ask me anything!

March 24, 2016

Let Me Outta Here!

Princess Leia is a dog available for adoption at the Releashed Rescue, a mostly Siberian Husky rescue I write about often.

I got to meet her at an adoption event a month or two ago.

She really wanted to get out of that cage and say hi to everyone!

"Let me outta here!" she seemed to say.

I made sure to give her lots of love after I took this photo!

March 23, 2016

Doggy IQ

Hi, everyone!

It's Robin here, and today I've decided to list some of the tricks and commands our dogs know.

Let's begin!






Leave it
Look At Me
Where's Your Squeaker? (His favorite toy!)

That makes Christmas our winner!

We use clicker training with him, and he's always eager to learn!

Positive training is everything!

Katie used to know "down", but she doesn't really do it anymore.

Rocky's the new guy, so he's still learning what training even is!

I'm thinking of recording the dogs doing their tricks soon, so stay tuned for that in the future!

Thanks for coming by!

March 22, 2016


Drifter is photogenic.

Yes, I am totally aware that he's a snail.

But he still works the camera.

I believe this shot was taken five or six days ago.

It's my best photo of Drifter ever!

March 21, 2016

The Dachshund National Anthem

Woof! It's Christmas here, your favorite Blogville Dachshund! Except for Frankie and Ernie, of course. Anyway, I was thinking...what if Dachshunds had their own National Anthem? I know our county's National Anthem because they always play it at the beginning of each dog show. Most of the dogs bark at the loud speakers, but I sit their, dignified, imagining a rippling American flag behind me.

Anyway, if Dachshunds had a National Anthem, this would be it!


*to the tune of The Star Spangled Banner*

Oh, say, can you see, by the wiener dog's height
On the bone that he chewed as a dignified weenie
Whose bright eyes and small paws through the perilous bite
O'er the squirrels we watched, they were running and screaming
With his brave Dachshund stare, and his crate of a lair
All the peeps in the house knew the Dachshund was scheming
A problem to housebreak, courageous, and strong
O'er the land of the short and the home of the long

I think this little song of mine sums up how awesome us Dachshunds are!

They should so play this at dog shows instead of the actual Star Spangled Banner...

This is what should be played at the National Specialty!

So, tell me...

What do you think of the song, and if your breed had a national anthem, what would it be?

March 20, 2016

All Aboard...Punks!

Hi, everyone!

Today I have a bit of a...Throwback Sunday photo for you.

Okay, okay, I couldn't wait till Thursday!

Anyway, here is a totally adorable photo of three snails I used to have, Clint, Eastwood, and Little Ben.

This photo was taken in June, I think.

I got these fellas in May when we were visiting family in Florida.

You might have been a reader back then, and you probably enjoyed our "Florida Vacay" series!

That was lots of fun.

Clint's the biggest one, Eastwood is the medium sized one, and Benny is the tiny one clinging onto Eastwood, yet still tucked in his shell.

He was the shy one!

Anyway, I sent this photo in to Cute Overload, a super duper well known blog that "scours the web for cute imagery".

The world literally freaked out in January when they made their last post, but let's get back on track!

They featured the photo, and titled it "All Aboard...Punks!" and though I don't really get the "punks" part of it, I'm still glad they featured my slimer babies though!

I hope you like this photo, for I think it's really cool and it's a great way to remember my first trio of snails, especially Clint, who sparked my passion for snails!

March 19, 2016

What Are YOUR Favorite Dog Breeds? RESULTS!

Happy Saturday, y'all! Yesterday I asked you all what your favorite dog breeds are and all left us some interesting comments, and you'll get a chance to look at them today, along with my own three favorite dog breeds!

First off, this is what Reilly and Denny's mom, proud parent of Blogville's favorite cow spot dogs, had to say!

"I think the favorite dog breed most people have is - is the one they currently have. I have all breeds of dogs over the years - and I loved each and everyone of them for different reasons. And yes - I even had three miniature dachshunds 2 smooth coats and 1 wired haired :) I have also had a Basenji, a Doberman, a blue heeler, and a number of poodle crosses. Loved them all and they were all my favorites :)"

Nicely said! Those words are very true, and I'm sure you can relate if you're also a dog parent!

Y'all know Mabel, Hazel, and Bailey back at Idaho Pug Ranch, right? Well, their momma left us a comment, too!

"Many years ago I had Labrador Retrievers - wonderful dogs. But we have had pugs now for more than 20 years, my absolute favorite breed."

Gotta love them Labs! They're an all around versatile breed. Pugs are so sweet and gentle, and they're quite the cuties!

Anyway, here's what Mitch and Molly, our Airedale friends, had to say about their favorite breeds!

"Of course our favorite breed is the Airedale Terrier but mom and dad have also had a Bulldog and a Springer Spaniel and St Bernards. They are all wonderful breeds!"

I love those breeds, too!

You know Dory, our Lhasa Apso pal, right? Well, here's what her mama had to say!

"It's sooooo hard to choose a favorite. We would have to go with Lhasa Apso's first, Dory and Bilbo are Lhasa's and were the perfect "first dogs" for my husband. They don't shed and don't bark that much and while Bilbo is very independent, Dory is the friendliest dog I have ever met. Rescues are our next favorite breed, although sometimes needy, they are usually eager to please and I know Jakey is soooo smart and loving. Shih Tzu's are next. Arty doesn't shed much, and is VERY smart and eager to learn :-)"

You gotta love Dory and her pals!

This is what Ciara and Lightning, our Husky pals, had to say about their mom's favorite breeds.

"Well, you know we have to say we are Mom's favorite breed - Siberian Huskies. Intelligent, loyal, challenging to train:) But Mom has had wire haired terriers, Goldens, cockapoos, mutts, shelties. She thinks all breeds have their special reasons for one human to like them better than another. If she had her way, she would probably have two of every breed possible :)"

Well said, fellas!

Here's what Mark Muller, Easy the Weimaraner's dad, had to tell us!

"I'm with Reilly and Denny, we love the breed the most what lives with us :o) our #1 is the Weimaraner (of course lol) #2 is the siberian husky, because two of them lived with us for many years, #3 is the foxterrier, our furst family dog :o) all dogs are wonderful and without dogs this welt would be a boring place :o)"

Those are great answers!

Here's what Karyn Yardis had to say!

"I love Berger Picards, Huskies, and mutts! I love the Berger Picards because they are so cute and sweet! Huskies because they are so beautiful and have those gorgeous eyes! And mixed breeds because they are all different. My favorite mutts are the same ones you love....Katie and Rocky! :)"

Gotta love them mixed breeds!

Thanks to everyone who left us their input!

Now it's time to learn about my favorite breeds!

"My three favorite breeds would have to be the Bloodhound, the Dachshund, and the Pharaoh Hound. Watching Nathan the Bloodhound win Best in Show at the National Dog Show in 2014 sparked my passion for the breed. I had never seen a dog show before, and I don't think I had ever seen a Bloodhound before. They are a great breed and are super sweet.

Just a few months ago, the Dachshund was just another breed to me. But ever since I acquired my Dachshund, Christmas, I've been a huge Dachshund person since! I enjoy handling my Dachshund at dog shows and teaching him new tricks. Though some Dachshunds are on the stubborn side, they are actually very eager to please and open to learning if you find what motivates them...usually it's food!

Lastly, I love the Pharaoh Hound because of the Egyptian heritage it holds. When you look at this breed, you can definitely tell that it's one of the oldest breeds! Pharaoh Hounds are known to be aloof by nature, and very sweet and gentle. I've met the same Pharaoh Hound at every dog show I've been to, and she's a super sweet dog and very loving!"

Again, thanks for leaving your input, my friends!

Here's a cute photo of Christmas and Katie.

I had to leash them because they wouldn't cooperate!

Enjoy your day!

March 18, 2016

What's YOUR Favorite Dog Breed?

Hey, y'all! Today I'm asking for your input. I have a very important question to ask all of you, whether you're a dog person or you're not. What is your favorite dog breed? Come on, just think for a minute. Even if you hate dogs (which I do not understand), I'm sure there is that one breed that stands out to you. Actually, we're going to ask for your three favorite breeds, because sometimes it's hard to just choose one!

Please answer these questions in the comment section below.

What is your favorite dog breed, and why?

What is your second favorite dog breed, and why?

What is your third favorite dog breed, and why?

I will share your answers in a post tomorrow! I will also answer these questions myself in that post, so please come back tomorrow, and answer these questions today so your answer can be in our special post!

Thanks so much!

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